Car Hire - 3 weeks USA Texas

Anyone got any great value suggestions for booking a rental car for 3 weeks in Dallas Texas?




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    I hired a car for about a week in the US booking through Economy Car Rentals. As you'd expect they're just a third party platform (and a lot of the negative reviews seem to be based on the rental operator they resell, not their own service) - we ended up with an Alamo rental for far lower than anywhere else. That said, other times I've looked they've been quite pricey… Don't forget to read up on the extra US insurances you may need, I think included with economy car rentals.

    There's also Turo (like Airbnb but for cars - so often (but not always) cheapest), but be warned that travel insurance rental excess coverage won't cover them because they're not an authorised rental car agency. Personally I've been in one too many poorly maintained Turos to ever want to do it again..

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      I've done economycar rentals in the US. Just be careful of the exclusions on insurance. Got some good deals though. At one Alamo counter the guy said dunno how you got that rate…

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    Use vroom vroom vroom, and Alamo car is usually good

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    I’ve used Alamo directly before and was happy with the service
    I signed up for the newsletter and got some discount codes sent first, also I like Sixt if you want a European car. I personally like to deal direct with the company as there is less buck passing and less smoke and mirrors.
    All these companies are sharks so, they will all shake you down one way or another. Consider buying specific rental car insurance online in Australia first.

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    Please make sure you get a big truck, eat BBQ, drink some crude oil. Really ham it up while in texas.

    • make sure you get a big truck,

      Don't do it. A friend and I got a big one for giggles once on the way to Vegas, turned out it had less interior room for our luggage than a good sedan.

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    Not the cheapest, but certainly the BEST car rental company we’ve ever used is Silvercar. (They have a Dallas branch but we rented from LAX.) It’s owned by Audi and exclusively uses their vehicles, which are great to drive and are packed with features like Sat Nav that the other companies charge extra for (kids loved having a WiFi hotspot on the go!) They pick you up and drop you off at the airport and because you fill everything out beforehand you just hop in the car and off you go- no queuing. Can only rent for 2 weeks though and yeah, even with discount codes floating around it’s a bit of a splurge. But totally worth it!

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    Last year I used Turo when i needed a car for 2 weeks in the US.

    it's a private car rental thing.

    I had a 2014 hyundai - all good. would use again.

    also - a good car rental consolidated site is it has some great prices.

  • I've used a few times
    Includes car insurance for non-us licenses
    Had an issue with the insurance once, was able to call them and they fixed it and they provided new confirmation within minutes.
    The counter person was impressed.

  • I usually just search using SkyScanner. I think the important thing is sticking with a brand that you know as all the big ones have counters at the airport. Also, if you can, fly into Lovefield airport as it's waaay closer to the city compared to Fort Worth.

  • Nissan Altima V6 through alamo / AUD1000 for 19 days including 1-way fee LAX-SLC. This was April 2018

    AUD53/day is great value for a Camry size car that could sit on 180kph for hours and not scare the crap out of the passenger.

    • Hey, you had to buy extra insurance or what came up with it sufficient ?

      • I used the insurance included in my travel insurance from Travel Insurance Direct.

        Keep in mind the forex rate has worsened since then so you'll pay a bit more now.

        Also, that rate included a 2nd driver so my GF & I could share the driving.

        When we arrived at Alamo in LAX the CSA pointed to a row of ~100 cars and said "take what you like" and there were Dodge Caravans, Nissan Altimas and something else. I wanted a Caravan (I have a strange attraction to minivans) but the GF thought it too big.

        • When you booking cars in US through, aren't they comes with full insurance options anyway? Am I missing something?

          • @boomramada: Yes, you can pay extra to reduce the excess but why bother if your CC or travel insurance cover it?

  • Any one tried this website for car rental in US ?

    • I've hired through them many times in Europe, USA, New Zealand and Australia

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    I found that renting direct with Hertz was my cheapest option (in saying that, I am under 25 and got a waiver for the underage fee and 10% off via RACQ's reciprocal membership with the AAA - the CDP/Club Code is the code under the AAA Show Your Card and Save logo on the back).

    I paid $240 usd for 11 days with full insurance on a one way (LAX-LAS) booking recently.

    Obviously, YMMV.

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    Autoslash (aggregator that usually sends you to priceline but gives better pricing than priceline direct)

    And do your research re insurance!

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