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[eBay Plus] LEGO Voltron 21311 $203.99 Delivered @ Myer eBay


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  • Nice….this probably beat the previous DJ price.

  • This set is amazing.

  • Finished model is pretty huge, set some shelf space aside

    • It's the only thing holding me back from buying this. I got no space to put it. lol..

  • What the historical low?

  • Nice cnut that link shows how most Super Heroes Lego been going from bottom of the page up .

    Saw a few of them first time built at brickvention and must say it impressed me .

    For me price just ok on this one :)

    • Oh wait, you mean you can combine them from the lions? You'd have to break it all up and rebuilt it to make Voltron?

  • +9

    This set is awesome. I've got 2. One as Voltron and one as lions

    • +1

      I wanna do that…must resist

      • +1

        Resistance is futile

        • +1

          Resistance @ $400 is high.

          This IS OzB!
          (after all)

    • That's how I've done mine. Good price here

  • Waiting for someone to post the counterfeit clone lol

    • +5

      Voltroid and the Liar Force ;-)

  • Ozb suddenly got crazy for legos lol, what kickstarted this?

    • +11

      Ozb always has been crazy for Lego

    • +12

      No one. The main demographics of OZB is in the group that grew up with Lego before mobile devices and portable gaming. It's also the wealthiest group with the cash to buy premium lego at hundreds of dollars. Everyone regresses to be kids again!!

    • +1

      Partly Lego Masters has brought visibility of it back to the fore, partly Amazon's tactic of aggressively price matching a lot of other sites sales, has made a lot of Lego bargains available to general public. Lots of reasons, those are just a couple

  • +4

    As a kid, I always wondered why they didn’t form the blazing sword at the start of the fight and get it over and done with..

    • +4

      And why the enemies can sit and wait when they are forming Voltron


      • You don't remember the episode where Lotor had the robeast attack while they were forming Voltron? Voltron did have a weakness exposed in that episode but it wasn't that.

  • +1

    I had the original (most wanted) collectable robot in great condition and I accidentally sold it in a large group of toys at a garage sale (I still grieve…). A couple of the characters and accessories escaped the purge and I still have them, and I found the body (no limbs/ ships) at an Op Shop for 20c recently. Hoping to have a complete one again to go with my robot collection, which is pretty average (I have a Robosapien V2 in silver, a motion-detection Wall-E, two V cool 80s robots, a Robie Sr (with cassette and remote but no power supply), and a Gobot which transforms into a gun. They will take pride of place in my new house.

    Want this Lego version but I must resist! Also been resisting buying the Saturn Rocket which I have to say has taken a nice bit of self-control (also want the discontinued, now expensive 16+ version Shuttle with Boosters). In the future I want a bunch of Nasa and Robot collectables. There really should be more robot toys for kids these days. But the classic shapes of yesteryear…

    • I still have my original 80s one that I got as a kid. My sister stole the princess figurine but it is otherwise complete

      A small part of my dies every time I look at it though, missing that one bit!

      • I feel you! I can't remember which of the figures I have. I hope you find her soon.

        I remember finding a figure, as well, a couple of years back in another Op Shop (but these things are so hard to find these days because dealers raid Op Shops like there's no tomorrow - as I'm sure staff do, too). I used to find all kinds of wonderful collectables and I sold a bunch to visit family in Europe for the first time. I even went to Egypt.

        If the figure I found turns out to be a double of the Princess, I'll be happy to give her to you. Who knows when I'll go through the pile, though, but I won't forget. I'll make a note of your username and contact you.

        • Oh that would be so awesome. I would gladly pay you for it!

          There are a few on Ebay at the moment, but people are asking $70 for just the princess figure - I do want to complete my set, but not quite that much for the one figure :)

          • @DannersAU: Prices have gone up a lot since I last checked. I'll be in touch via message if I have her.

    • I have the Saturn rocket as well. Just hanging out for the lander that came out not long ago.

      • +1

        I want it so badly! There's a great Perspex cover for it online that I'll get if I ever buy it. Or maybe, I'll make one myself. Yes, the lander, too. It's magnificent.

        I have about four or five of the old space Lego sets including one of the large ships.

        I'm hoping all goes well in future missions and the development of the SRS. Such remarkable achievements. Looking forward to a Lego SRS!

  • Sadly my kids have never seen the cartoon.

    • +2

      It's on ABC Me every Friday night and Saturday during the day. Or ABC iView it.

    • +2

      There are new series on Netflix since 2016

      • +1

        It's actually really good too!

  • Don't forget - Ebay = Velocity Points :) (just make sure you follow the stupid rules from the Velocity Store and take a screen shot)

  • Almost drunk enough. But, no.. I will resist.

    This gets me sooo sentimental but I can hardly remember the show and toys I was so young…

    • +3

      Go have another drink ;) you'll be back :)

  • I am looking forward to LEGO rx78, LEGO z, lego wing zero, lego 00, lego unicorn…

    • hopefully it's master grade or above

  • Really fun build! Tempted just so I could have one as Voltron and as Lions

    • +1

      Do it! I have 2 one as robot one as lions. Just want a third so I can play with it! Minister for war and finance doesn't see it the same way.

  • Think they have plenty of stock. I put 300 into my cart :)

  • It's amazing how this can be made by Lego bricks and can transform between Voltron and lions.

    And it's funny to think this toy today is targeting man-children born in the 80s.

  • Can I use myer gift card to purchase from ebay myer store?

    • no, also no myer one points

  • how long would this take to put to assembly?

    • I'd say maybe 6 hours, a bit more if you don't build Lego often.

  • Outstanding, thanks for the post. I have been keeping an eye out for one. Good price. Thanks again m8.