Signed up for last month's eBay 'Sell old tech' promo and they have no record of it.

Last month eBay were offering a promo identical to this one
in which you sell up to $500 worth of old tech items and receive a 10% gift voucher.
From memory it expired end of May.

I accepted the offer, sold a lot of items yet heard nothing back. so today I jumped on live chat and asked them what was going on.
I had also signed up two other family accounts to the same promo and gave them items to sell.

They told me they had no record of me accepting the promo, and of course it's not saved anywhere in the system and told me there was nothing I could do. On all 3 accounts I specifically made sure sign up. They said I should have screenshot the acceptance as proof.

Did anyone else apply for this promo and if so did you get your voucher?
My experiences recently selling on eBay have been horrible so I can't really say I'm surprised.

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    I applied and got a $50 voucher, note my offer wasn't a 10% voucher but sell $200 get x sell $300 get x and sell $500 and get $50 voucher

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    Best to take a screenshot as backup when accepting any promo from ebay.


    Keep persisting and arguing that you wouldn't have sold your stuff unless the promo existed.

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    eBay are a law unto themselves and unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time and possibly money you don't have much hope of beating them.

    Without proof such as screenies it's only your word against a faceless giant.

    I rarely sell on ebay any more, just not worth the hassles with scammers, high fees, and the seller is always wrong policy eBay have.


      I've sold about 200 items recently and only had around 6 issues with buyers. This was after not using eBay for 10 years.
      In each case eBay has automatically approved the buyers case and told me I need to pay return shipping despite stating items are used and sold without warranty or returns.
      If you disagree they just take the money from your account anyway. Truly a horrible experience as a seller.

      I think you are right. it's not worth the hassle.


    Check under My eBay > Selling/Sold (desktop site, classic view). At the bottom of the page there should be a record of offers you’ve accepted over the past few months under your promotional offer history.


      Yes, thanks.
      The problem is that its not in there and ebay is claiming i didn't accept the offer.
      I clearly remember accepting the deal and i think its a problem with their system.
      I also got an offer a few days back to sell my next 3 items with no listing or final value fees, but when i look in the list its not there either.

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