Fan Heater or Convection Heater? Need Recommendation

Hi OzBargainers,

I'm a student living in an apartment (renting obviously) and I want to find a small heater for my bedroom (apx 4m*4m). I was raised in a very cold place (-20 degrees in winter) so the winter in Melbourne is pretty warm for me as I don't fell cold when sleeping at night. The only problem is my feet fell colder than my body, so I have to find something to warm my feet and don't need to warm the room. I will use the heater no more than 5 hours per day. I want to find a heater as cheap as possible as I only use it for one or two winters and I will buy a better one if I get a job :). I found convection heater, fan heater and ceramic heater(similar to fan heater?) at Kmart and Bunnings, which one will you recommend?

Kmart Convection Heater $29:
Kmart Ceramic Heater $29:
Click 2000W Convection Heater $29.98:
Click 1500W Ceramic Fan Heater $24.95:
And normal $15 fan heater.



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    I also get cold feet… I honestly think the best thing is to wear warm socks.

    In regards to heaters, they are all much of a muchness, except for oil heaters which use a slow radiant heat and the rest use a heated coil of some kind and a fan to move the heat around.

    The cost is going to be wattage * hours * days / 1000 * cost per kwH.
    For example, to run a 2000 W heater for 5 hrs is going to be 2000 * 5 * 1 / 1000 * $0.28 (28 cents per kwH) = $2.80 per day.

    As you can see, in the end the cost of the heater is kind of insignificant to how much you will spend running it for 5hrs each day.

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    A wheat bag or water bottle should do the trick.

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    If it's just your feet then Ugg boots with nice thick socks if necessary is the best solution and the cheapest in the long run.

    If you really want a heater I've always found oil heaters to be the best for small spaces eg Quiet and hold their heat for some time after being turned off.


      UGG is good but I don't want to wear shoes at home or when sleeping:)

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        You can get ones that don't have a hard sole, just the sheepskin. They're basically sheepskin socks. That's what I use at home as I have hardwood floors so I'm not clomping around. I've slept in them camping as well though don't at home.

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    The click fan one is trash. I recently got this bad boy, would rate highly. I rarely even put it on full blast because it works so well.

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    I would say oil heater just because fan heaters dry out my eyes and make them really sore and teary. Plus an oil heater can be used to warm up your clothes before you put them on or can warm up your towel while you're in the shower. They don't make noise so you can program them to start up an hour before you wake up and you can wake up to a warm room. A fan heater, even if programmable would wake you up (probably wouldn't be programmable because of fire risk of it falls over while unattended).

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    Most heaters are near enough to 100% efficiency while heating so it's really personal preference. A fan heater will heat the air in the room quickly, but if that heat escapes (such as when you open the door or if it's draughty), you're back to square one. An oil heater will heat the room more slowly but will maintain the heat better when the door is opened and closed, or if you're near it you'll be warm regardless.

    I'd personally spend a little more and get an oil heater with a thermostat. $50-60 for an 11-fin oil heater at Kmart or Target, but I haven't used either of those.


    I prefer radiant heaters, literally no smell other than when it first burns off the dust from last year.

    The others including my air conditioner seem to give off some odor. Maybe I need to get the air-con checked.

    The fan heater is the worst when it comes to offensive smells.


    I prefer convection heater. The fan heater always dry out my skin.


    If your feet are cold it is a sign your body is cold, get a better jumper. Put a hat on, keeping your head warm helps prevent your extremities getting cold.

    Ugg boots in our house are slippers - worn indoors only., so not really shoes in that respect.

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