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$20 return fare on Brisbane Airtrain - (South Brisbane to Airport)


Airtrain are doing a return fare offer on return trips to the airport. Valid from stations from central Brisbane stations (South Brisbane-Eagle Junction) to the airport. Book before 31st July, and travel before 31 Jan 2020.

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Brisbane Airtrain
Brisbane Airtrain

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  • Is this code valid? Where you get this code from?

    • Worked for me, 11th July - 2nd August.

    • Got a flier in the mail.
      Will try and upload my bad photo

  • +1

    i tried, but code is not valid…still showing roughly $30 on return..can someone confirm?

    • I put in 11th July to 2nd August and it changed to $20 return

  • They must be loosing too much business to ola - why pay ~$25 each way normally for a journey that takes 3 times longer than driving when you can get door to door service with ola for $20 each way. Either that or people are still rorting with gocards.

  • Thank you OP.
    Had a trip to Melbourne this weekend so this worked perfectly!

  • if i put my home sttation in it comes to $109 so i changed departure from to south Brisbane and code worked at checkout stage with paypal thanks op. so im now seriously thinking of buying it for the whole family. note also children are free for cbd to airport rtn and free from local stations on week ends with a child gocard. now got to decide whats the best way to get to and back home from south bris the cheapest way. maybe buying separate tickets is cheaper at $6.16 each way to cbd as opposed to $25+ each way to airport. does anyone know if you can still take a free shuttle bus from airport to dfo and then jump on a local bus staying in in the same zone to garden city and how much the fare would be? also what is the bus number and how often do they come? it might work out cheaper then $20 rtn but not so convenient i think. what about just buying a go card not registering it and tapping it on at the airport and forgetting or just tap it giving you a minus balance either way at a local suburban stations? would this be a cheaper option as cost of a gocard is only $5 to $10? then throw it away as it would have a - minus balance thus worthless. the only catch is if you use a gocard to get to south brisbane on the airtrain you would not have time to tap off at south brisbane and jumper back on before doors close unless you are quick thus you would have to wait another 30 to 60mins to catch the next airtrain to use this deal. unless you pay a little extra and buy paper tickets and just enjoy the ride all the way through from local station to airport.? op these tickets dont have to be scanned to valid before travel do they you just show them to staff when requested?

    When you purchase your go card you'll pay a refundable deposit of $10 (adult) or $5 (child, concession, senior).

    Are Go cards free?
    Concessions including children, students, pensioners, seniors and defence force veterans receive a 50% discount off adult fares. Children aged between 5 and 14 travel free on the weekend when they touch on and off with a child go card. One, Two, Free for seniors and pensioners

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