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40% off Everything @ MyProtein


I saw this last night thinking someone must have already posted it here but I was wrong! I personally have not used their products but with 40% I would be happy to try bit of everything!

I got few samples, apparels, protein bars and etc. If I knew the quality of product I would have bought a lot more and stocked up for the year ahead!

FREE Shipping for <$150
FREE GIFT for <$170

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Referee gets 33% off discount 1st order ($75 minimum spend), and referrer gets $40 credit.

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    $19.99 delivery


    Don't forget cashrewards bonus - 5.6%

    These guys are extremely popular back in the UK. Best value protein in my opinion. Mixes well and tastes great. Very economical especially in the 5kg bags. Some of the other products like the creatine or the protein pancakes are also good.

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    The 40% off deals pop up in my email at least once a week from these guys. In fact, this morning a 45% off code came through…

    VIPSALE45 + 6% cashback from ShopBack

    Only ever ordered once through them, last November during the Black Friday deals and it took a month for my order to arrive. Not sure if that's the norm but their communication and customer support was atrocious.

    As for the quality, I can't fault the WPC, it mixes better than VPA and BN IMO and the taste is quite pleasant. I have the Rocky Road and Choc Brownie.


      I think they got slammed with the Black Friday sales. Normally my stuff arrives pretty quickly.

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        I've placed another order anyway as I'm not in a rush this time so we'll see how it goes. The free gift options this time are decent, last time all I got was a shaker IIRC!


    i bought 6kg whey protein isolate for $155 free delivery, works out to about $26/kg


    Recommend the salted caramel and the chocolate smooth. Caramel is sweeter but not sickly sweet according to my taste. There's a Reddit thread with votes on most popular flavours.


    Any idea what the expiry is like for WPI powders in general? I'm not weights at the moment but will probably start in a month, this discount is good for the 5kg at $24/kg.

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