Apps Not Showing on Fetch TV

Wanting some help for a refurb Fetch TV I bought through the Fetch eBay store.
I've got an account, set it all up etc.
The problem is none of the FTA catch up apps are there - no ABC iview, SBS on demand, 10 play, 7play and 9now. However Netflix, Stan, Youtube, Hayu, Fetch Wiki, TED and YouTube Kids are all showing up.
All the FTA TV channels are there but I tried rescanning anyway which didn't make a difference. Also tried restarting which did nothing.
Any help would be much appreciated as I'm not great at this sort of thing. Thanks in advance.

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    Try reflashing the firmware via a USB


      How do you do this? I'm a noob lol


        Before we do this did you do a hard reset or soft reset?


          Only restarted it, should I reset it?


            @rc12: If you want. Here are the steps

            • Turn your Fetch set top box off, and wait 30 seconds before turning it on again.
            • When the set top box is starting up - during the first two minutes of loading - press the coloured buttons on your remote control in order: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
            • Continue pressing these buttons in order until the REM/REC light on the front of the set top box starts flashing red (usually shortly after the screen turns off and on). The set top box will then reboot.
              You will need to reactivate your Fetch set top box by entering your activation code and rescanning channels.

    Have you got an antenna plugged into it? with my Fetch box I've got the same apps installed and for FTA channels I've got my antenna plugged into it.

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    Weirdly catch up apps aren't under the apps menu. They're under Menu > TV > Catch up

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      Just checked mine and it's the same. I've never noticed it before and I've had it for over 2 years.

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      Ah just found them, thank you!