expired Data Airlines VIP Connaisseur Music Bundle on Groupees - US $2 (~AU $2.90) Minimum


A big VIP music bundle has started on Groupees from renowned French electronic label Data Airlines. They are focused on retro gaming, indie electronics, chiptune and retro-future music with some synthwave too.

The bundle features popular artists like Master Boot Record, Makeup & Vanity Set, Yves Malone, Graham Reznick and more. The physical tier has already sold out but all the digital music is still available.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $2 minimum you get:

MisfitChris - Fake Bit (EP)
Facteur - America (EP)
Dubmood - Overlander (EP)
Hello World - Hello World (album)
Data Airlines - Heathrow (EP)
Dubmood - Edits (album)
Dubmood - Live in Nurnberg 2015 (album)

For $4 minimum you also get:

Trey Frey - Tres Frais (EP)
Promwolf - Enthroned (EP)
Bright White Lightning - Bad Teeth (EP)
Zabutom - New Beginnings (EP)
Gem Tos - The Dominant Idea (EP)

For $8 minimum you also get:

Wojciech Golczewski - Reality Check (album)
Confipop - My HD (EP)
Sodamnloud - Hypnodisco (single)
Polisen - Skilda Varldar (EP)
Paladin Shield - Road To Alchemy (EP)

For $12 minimum you also get:

Makeup and Vanity Set - Wavehymnal (EP)
2xAA - Flow (album)
Dallas Campbell - Chihuahuan (EP)
Yves Malone - Moonday Tides (EP)
Graham Reznick - Glass Angles (album)

For $15 minimum you also get:

Master Boot Record - C:\>FIXMBR (album)
Dubmood - The Sun And Moon OST (album)
Antoni Maiovvi - Cuckoo (album)
Dream Ending - Dream Ending (album)
MisfitChris - Lush Artifact (album)

For $20 minimum you also get:

Goto80 - 80864 (album)
Xander Harris - Termination Dust (album)
Facteur - Legend (EP)
Potochkine - Potochkine (album)
Maniac Mansion/Superdoner - Maniac Mansion/Superdoner (album)

Both of the bonuses have now been unlocked.

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