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iPhone Cases, 3G, 3GS, Various at Harvey Norman in Store. Price Only $3.75


Was in store today (HN Dandenong)and noticed these on sale.
Bought a couple myself.
Patent leather flip case, Chromatic, Splash etc
Prices RRP, varied from $19.95 to $39.95 , all at $3.75.
Cygnet brand??? all with screen protectors
Seemed excellent value and quality.
Not sure if availalbe all stores.

BTW seemes as though they are still giving 20% off list prices, as i asked if the 20% was still available.
Assistant said, " i can help you with that" :) and i got 20% off another item.

If you dont ask you dont get………

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    what is it exactly about the extra 20% off?


    HN had 20% off last weekend (or Monday night?). I just said i should have bought the item last weekend when the store had 20% off. The assistant looked up the screen and adjusted my price down 20%. gotta be happy with that.


    My mum just got an iPhone 3Gs from work, and wants to get a case. Thanks, will check out local Harvey's.


    Anyone tried the sunshine store?
    Will check it out tomorrow.
    My local chinese junk store has the crappy cases for $4 so this is a bargain.


    guys - check out www.discountdeals.com.au

    they got some iphone stuffs there :) free delivery to australia too


    none at HN Chadstone :(