Be Careful (Data Discrepancy) Boost Mobile - More Data Deducted than Actual

Guys, I activated my Boost plan 80GB /12 months plan on Friday 21st June. Was tracking my usage carefully through their app. Yesterday when I checked I had used about 320+ mb data, the balance on Plan showed about 950 mb deducted. I'm assuming that this could happen with any other plan as well

I had a long chat with their team through their App and finally after long chat I got reversal of the data and they reset my plan back 80 GB and got the data which I did not use credited back. The chat history was long but here is snapshot when they finally confirmed they are crediting the data back…

Have kept chat transcript for my records

Me: History shows this 6729kbytes + 4178kbytes + 308354kbytes this is about 310 mb

YEs. Im calculating how much usage consumed on our end in total.

Me: According to me approximately I have used 320+ mbs whereas in balance 950 mb is deducted

got that. As I can see here you are correct. Actually it was only for 329mb in total. Good thing that you have checked your account. Let me go ahead and apply the 950mb.

Me: Sorry I never transferred large file, and when you say you have turned it off means what? I'm unable to understand

You will not be charge again for those files since that you should not be charged on the first place

Me: Which large files are you talking about, what if this happens in future

I already made sure of it. I can guarantee you that it wont happen again as I am doing doing this for how many years now.

Me: I know it's 80 GB now, but I have 1 year recharge, I can't check everyday all this…. And now I don't trust the balance shown… Because you can imagine no one keep track of it

No worries, you can request for usage history documents every month you want. That will be give you the full details . You dont need to track it everyday. As I have mentioned that we are experiencing some credits issues yesterday,this might be an impact of itbut rest assure that it will be fixed since that it is now being handled by our technical team.

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  • I'm reading that transcript and wondering if you and Boost were having the same conversation. You are really fixed on something about large files.

    Out of curiosity, is English your first language.

  • Boost Exec mentioned there was some data usage for transferring large files (which I never did)

    The data usage history available on Boost app showed that I used about 320mb but the data balance had 950mb deducted…

    I have cut the portions in between as the chat was really long… And the lady on Chat kept on saying "She had turned off that feature"

    Hence the messages at some point look broken…further this is exact copy paste of actual chat…

    However the crux was that they had to credit it back and my concern was how to keep track of such data usage over longer duration… Since nobody really bothers to go in depth and analyze data sessions at periodic intervals

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    I was on Catch Connect's 90 day plan with 54 GB of data. One day I get a message saying I used up all 54 GB, while my iPhone only showed 47.3GB.
    Nobody knows how exactly their counters work and whether their or our phones' counters are wrong. And if someone points out the obvious they can just say "oops we had some technical difficulties yesterday yadda yadda bla blah".
    There isn't much we can do anyway, is there?
    Good thing I keep jumping from one telco to another to make use of "new customer" deals so I am not bothered if a few of my dollars get wasted.

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      Nobody knows how exactly their counters work

      Counters are simple.

      The largest businesses in Australia have a long, sordid history of defrauding customers while the Government gives them a cost of doing business known as a fine and no jail time is served leaving the businesses with the incentive to continue the same behavior.

      and whether their or our phones' counters are wrong

      Here's how you know: the provider of one counter saves money if the counter is wrong.

      The other counter is supplied by a disinterested third party and is more than likely open source computer code.

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    This isn't good. Was planning on getting this plan next week. I know it probably won't change anything but out of curiousity, what were you doing that used data?

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      No clue where extra 600+ mbs was used as I never used it. The Cust Rep kept saying some large file transfer was being accounted. I used only WhatsApp and Google Maps. Luckily their own Data usage history showed that I used only 320 mbs hence they straight away credited the data back.

      Concern is who is going to track such usage every now and then…

      • I've run a few tests of my own using a Boost SIM that I bought. The data used so far is aligned with how much data the phone believes it has used. This is on the $10 SIM starter pack.

        • I have been using a different SIM on a 6 month plan using Boost for a week now. Data used according to Boost is the same as data used according to phone so far.

  • I have experienced this kind of issue before with Kogan, its worse back then as they were blaming me that there might be some apps in the background that sucking my data. After that I moved to Vodafone with less data, but I feel like I have more as I have never running out of data by the end of the month and its easier for me to check how much data I have left through their app. Now I only trust Telstra, Vodafone, or Optus.

  • I joined boost 7 days ago and I’m having similar issues. It’s saying I’ve used 19GB in 7 days… with previous providers it would take me nearly a month to use this much and I made sure I updated apps and stuff before switching to boost, using up some of my previous data.
    Something definitely isn’t right with boost mobile. I’ll be moving along to another provider.

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