Is Oppo R17 Any Good?

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I spotted this deal for oppo R17 on eBay. It is 424 after eBay plus discount.
The online reviews for this phone have been pretty positive as far as I can see.
But I would still want to gain some opinions from you guys before I place an order.
Is 424 a good price for oppo R17?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Problem with oppo is update may be unreliable. Had an r11, never went beyond nougat. Lots of talk of oreo, but nothing eventuated

  • I think oppo phones are pretty good value. I had an r11 and wife has a r11s.

    The specs, camera, screen are definitely good for what you pay. The only problem i had with oppo is the OS. It runs Android but it has some ugly and (imo) unintuitive skin over it which makes it look like some cheap iOS imitation. I initially had difficulty with customising and just using the phone (coming from an S6) was uncomfortable for me.

    I had it for a year and a bit and earlier this year switched to a pixel. I am a LOT happier with whatever OS is run on the pixel 3 (although the pixel definitely has it's own problems)

  • Seems okay - recommended one to a mate of mine and he's been very happy with it (only owned for a couple of months). Same CPU as the Pixel 3a/3aXL (Snapdragon 670) and more RAM (6GB), battery life is great, as is the AMOLED display (very bright). Camera is good, but the Pixel would outclass it. Software is okay - has the usual extras like Always-on display etc, and some might not like the skin but it doesn't seem overly intrusive.

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  • I think the R17 and R17 Pro series were flagship-level handsets. Looking at their product range and pricing, it would appear that OPPO, in Australia anyway, are targetting the in-betweeners. That is, providing value in the mid-range.

    I tested the R17 Pro for a night. Being an Apple iPhone 6s Plus user, the camera blew me away. I think the camera is what sets most OPPO phones apart.

    Given flagship smartphones can be $2,000 these days, I'd say OPPO is quite smart in going after the middle belt.

    IIRC, they have a promotion at the moment for all (new) OPPO device purchases - - 4 months YouTube Premium.

  • I bought an Oppo phone earlier in the year - it's been excellent. Although it's not the R17, it's the AX5. I'd never had anything but iPhones before that and I'm completely happy with the Oppo. The camera's great for me, the battery lasts and the speaker is good. I couldn't see the value in paying 3 times more, or more, again.

    One caveat, I did buy a 'new' Google Pixel via an eBay seller just before buying the Oppo (at Kmart) - I had to return the Pixel to the eBay seller because the battery kept draining and wouldn't last. I won't be buying a 'new' phone through eBay again. Anyway, the Pixel gave me some Android experience, and I liked it. In the end the new Oppo made the most sense. Still happy.

  • oppo has come along way , in so short period. is a buyback company and see all type of phones coming in, the phones we get least of is OPPO R15 and R17