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61" Professional Lightweight Aluminum Camera Tripod $34.99 (Was $69.99) + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49+) @ Fotopro Amazon AU


Product Overview:
Fotopro 61" Tripod X2 is a lightweight and portable tripod made of aluminum alloy,weight only 1.3kg/2.8lb and the folded height is only 21"/55cm,small enough to stow in a carry-on suitcase or backpack.3-Sections Leg locks release smoothly and glide easily to your desired height.You can get a 61"/157cm tripod when you crank up the center post.

A Tripod for Many Devices:
This Tripod weights only 1.3kg/2.8lb and the folded height is only 21"/55cm.Unlike other tripod,this one comes with smartphone adapter and GoPro adapters which enables you to shoot or make videos with your smartphone and Gopro action cameras.The bluetooth remote (for cellphones) allows you to shoot in the distance.

Height Adjustable:
Designed with 3-Section and Lever-Lock Legs.You can adjust the height throught the legs or the center post up to 157cm/61".The tripod's three-way pan head allows for ultimate versatility. Easily change the orientation of the camera from portrait to landscape.

Product Specifications:
*Load Weight:4kg/8.8lb
*Folded Height:21"/55cm
*Max Height:61"/157cm
*Material:Aluminum Alloy

What You Get:
Fotopro 61" Tripod X2-US 1
Tripod bag
Quick Release Plate2
Smartphone Adapter
Gopro Adapter1
Bluetooth Remote Control

Also two items available:
regular price: $32.99
finnaly price: $16.49
regular price: $145.99
finnaly price: $72.99

Save 50% money off with the code FotoproAU
Expired date: 2019/06/30

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  • As long as you ignore the "professional" bit in the title you should be fine.

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    Thank you for your attention.This is FotoproAU team.
    This professional tripod has a very good rating at Amazon America.
    4.5 star 50 customer reviews

    • Mericans are pretty gullible from my previous experiences, doesn't really make your case any better…

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        Dear Damonator,
        Sorry, but this product has no customer reviews in Australia. I want to make it easier for you to decide whether or not to use this offer.
        FotoproAU team

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        The written reviews are pretty credible - the few 1-2 star ratings don't sway me much.

        Note at 22"/56cm i don't think of this as packing small, but i think that's the price you pay for stability (not too many segments).

        At $35 no one's promising a Manfrotto.

    • A stretch calling this PRO. Light duty amateur good for most users BUT DEFINITELY NOT PRO! Plastic head / plastic quick release. OK for phone and light camera that's about it.


        Dear MMM,
        Yes, its professionalism is only relative. At the same time, I also provided another more professional aluminum tripod.
        Camera Tripod, Fotopro X-Aircross 1 Alu Mini Portable Compact Tripod 18.3 Inch Ball Head
        also 50% money off with the code FotoproAU
        Expired date: 2019/06/30

        • I have tried the code and it did not work for the mini X-Aircross.
          It shows:
          The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

  • <- are there 2 versions of this tripod with a similar name and similar pricing? <- this one seems to have the same specs and similar name but is Carbon Fibre. Is this incorrect or is it actually aluminium too as weight/size seems the same?

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      Deal Devil,
      The first link you sent has the participation in this offer.
      The second link you sent is not the same as the product of this offer. They really just have the same look, but the materials are different.
      FotoproAU team


    Note i have this one from a prior deal.

    Be warned the legs are a bit of a hassle to close up - you need to compress those little beady heads in on each side to make it happen. Not that easy…

    The current deal looks quite good though.


      Dear TheGhostWhoWalks,
      thank you for your purchase. The products you bought before are mainly used for travel, picnics and the like, so we have made great changes to its design to make it portable enough. Sorry, this is bothering you. If you have any problems in using it, you can send me a message or send an email to this email:
      [email protected]
      We take full responsibility for any product, no matter what price you get it.
      FotoproAU team


        Don't worry - i understand that's the trade-off that was made.


      Sure that's a cheap unbranded one, and they don't bother telling us how heavy it is, but it looks lightweight.

      Always a bit of a balance between robustness and weight.

      Not sure it's for the OP to compare with something random off the net.

      • I have that one and it almost looks the same as the one in OPs post except the brand name. It's also lightweight, aluminium body, adjustable height upto 110cm etc. Also has the same set of "what you get" items.


          Check out the 8th photo of the head on your eBay ad - looks like crap to me.


      Hello Cyberninja,
      regular price: $32.99
      finnaly price: $16.49

      The lowest price is 16.49$, and now there is no product below 15$, sorry. I will post it on this website right away if there is.

  • Professional? LOL.

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    Currently $58.10 with code. Safe for "real" camera although still not "pro".

  • has anyone used it before ?
    It's light weight 680g/1.48 lbs and Load Capacity 8KG/17.63lbs suits my need.

  • Seems like a pretty good deal to me. If you’re after something a little more compact (folds to 47cm - 4 segment) I can recommend the Zomei Q111 on eBay - which I’m currently using at work. It’s available for around $25 best offer/auction. I’m really impressed with its quality with respect to the cost.