GearBest Partial Refund Offered - Claim through PayPal?


I’m hoping people with experience can offer me some advice?

I recently purchased a vape pen off Gearbest, but when it arrived yesterday, the glass tank was smashed.
I have been in contact with Gearbest, and they’re offering me a refund on the pen only, not the express shipping or the additional insurance i purchased (i understand not getting a refund on the insurance). I find this particularly insulting because the item was sent in a plastic satchel without any sort of padding so I’m not at all surprised that the glass tank was smashed in transit.

Anyway, i am hoping people could perhaps advise if I’m likely to have any luck with claiming through PayPal?
Thankfully I’ve never had the need to claim previously. Any help greatly appreciated :-)

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    If you paid for the insurance then surely you can claim on that?

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      That's what I would think. I'd Lodge a PayPal anyway

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      When you don't pay for insurance the Chinese stores will use that against you when something goes wrong and when you do pay for it they'll make up some excuse of why it doesn't apply to everything. Just a trick they play to get more money.

      PayPal time :)

      • That's because they play the odds.
        You pay for insurance, but they simply pocket that extra. Most of the time, there is no issue so its free money. When it comes to claim, their MO is to outright reject it initially and that turns away a surprising amount of people. If they're still there, they offer a partial refund in store credit. At this point, most people give up and take it. So in the end, the Online Store still wins.

        On the off-chance, the buyer goes through PayPal and sticks to their guns that's when the Online Store has to pay for the item, and they lose. But this is so rare, that its easily offset by the other scenarios above.

        The worst part is, if there's many claims for insurance but there was no insurance, or if the insurance company cannot honour their obligations, then both the consumer and the store lose. And that's sort of like what happened in the 2008 crash.

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    Thanks for the replies. After around 5-6 backwards and forwards with them, they have now offered a full refund. Hopefully that goes smoothly.
    Such a shame they make a person fight and threaten a PayPal dispute for them to do the right thing.
    Very annoying because the packaging was woefully inadequate given part of the product was glass. Also frustrating was their continued denial of an exchange (said there was no stock), while their web site indicated at least 5 in stock.

    Anyhoo, it seems it’s been solved.

  • I purchased a phone from them and the camera failed within the year and when I sent it back I was involved in the biggest back and forth known to man. I gave up. Posted on here about it in a deal and they offered further compensation. People are not lying about the Aus warranty stuff. In other news - stop vaping.

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    I've had issues with Gearbest where items have not arrived and they've only offered a partial refund or a discount for another one. After a back and forth I took it to PayPal who refunded the full amount.
    The insurance and the arguing just isn't worth it.

  • Glad to hear your problem has been solved. Because I'm working for international ecommerce as well. Here is my own suggestion:
    Advice 1: try to contact with them before you place the order and confirm all after-sale service.
    Advice 2: if you can not reach an agreement with sellers, try PAYPAL or the Bank which your payment account belongs to. They could help you a lot and in most cases they could take your money back.
    Advice 3: Social Media: Facebook fan page always important to sellers. :)
    But I'm not encourage you to do fraudulent order. Especially the international delivery is really very hard. There is always some accident happened that sellers also don't want to see it. Make money is always hard so that I believe all sellers want to provide a perfect service certainly.

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