Group buying sites create code of conduct

Saw this article in the Australian ..

Hope something good will come of it.

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    sounds good, cudo has always been one of the better ones, hope the other will live up to it. Even though they seem to agree now, their pratice is far from it.

    I find most small business doesn't understand that providing a discount is not a lost but rather a inexpensive way of advertising.

    I'm sure when most business get their electrcity bill, they dont look at it as a loss!

    no different to this instead of spending $1000s on tv ad. the money goes to bring new customers and when the customers are treated well, even if they dont return you'll at least get good will and presence.

    Like when 7-11 give out free coke!

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      Completely agree. It's also measurable, you know how many customers you have snagged, treat them well they will tell others and may come back paying full price.

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    "Spreets chief executive and co-founder Dean McEvoy supports the code, which was revealed at a Sydney conference yesterday, surprising other major industry players, Colin Fabig, chief executive of LivingSocial and Hezi Leibovick, joint founder of Catch of the Day and Scoopon.

    I bet they were surprised.