Dryer stacker - do you need them?

Hello all

Looking to get a dryer using David Jones vouchers. They have a very small selection and the one we like doesn't have a wall mount unfortunately.

I've read very mixed reviews about whether or not you need a stacking kit and if it will void warranty,(and our washer is a different brand ao we won't find a suitable kit).
Otherwise an anti vibration mat may be the way to go.

Has anyone here got their dryer just stacked on top and have you had any issues?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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    You can stack them fine with out a kit, however if the dryer does happen to fall of from vibration from the washer then obviously it won’t be covered.

    You can get non-slip mats but to be honest I’m sure you could find a universal stacking kit on eBay.

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    Have a front loader washer and a condenser dryer stacked on top (different brands) with the rubber mat in between. Works fine.


    Mount the dryer to the wall half a metre above the washer - leaves a perfect place to keep the washing basket.

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    With a toddler in the house I wouldn't dare just stack them. I'd mount it if I could.


    A dryer that can't be well mounted are you sure?

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