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Caltex 15c Per Litre off Fuel Discount for 90 Days @ Youi (Must Purchase at Least 2 Policies)


So I insured my car with Youi today (already had the house, boat etc with them). Because I already had a policy and I added a new policy, they sent me a voucher for:

  • 15c off per litre of Petrol
  • 150L per day maximum
  • 1 redemption per 24hr period
  • Valid for 90 days from activation
  • Only certain Caltex service stations

There are 2 ways you can get this promo:
1. Existing customer who purchases an additional policy
2. A new customer who purchases 2 Policies

T&C: https://www.youi.com.au/promotions/caltex-promo/terms-and-co...

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  • At woolworths caltex stack with rewards card 4c off + 4c of with $5 purchase (2x2l milk, $1 chocolate) + 5% wish gift card.

    • Are you sure about the 5% stacking of Wish Card ?

      Someone put t&c 's up here and states it doesn't .

    • Unless this specific deal doesn't allow it, I don't see how they could block it though. Payment using a gift card is just another method of payment. I do this all the time at Woolworths Caltex.

      • how do you buy wish gift card with 5% off?? I could only get 5% off the egift card but they are not accepted at Woolworths Caltex :(

  • -1 vote

    Considering they've all started putting the price up about 40 cents today, 15 cents off isn't really a bargain…

  • Yeah but Youi

    • Of course you may save money with Youi, if you use with trips for work or study 1 day a week, keep mileage down, have no prior accidents in 10 years, dont let your kids, wife and mother-in-law drive it, have a light coloured car. But they do understand Croatian accents.

  • Youi are the pits man. I hope you don't ever have to claim. They seriously muck everyone around. And when you try to leave they literally beg you to stay

    • I believe it, even trying to get a quote they take your number and smash you with calls

      • That’s the worst part! I wasted a half hour of my life because they wouldn’t quote online and only to discover they’re 20% more expensive than NRMA.
        Suffice to say, I’m with budget direct for the last 4 years, get roadside assistance, no claim discount protection if I do make a claim and it’s cheaper than the lot by far.
        YOUi, you don’t get me

  • Funilly enough youi always goes on about being cheaper than the others because you let them know how you use your car - I did an online quote with them and it was much higher than the mainstream companies.

    Not that I was ever going to go with them, as I've heard horror stories about claims, but just wanted to see what their quote was.