*Warning* Aftlawgoods or Aftlawgoods Is a Fraud Website

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Hello all, sorry for my first post not being an awesome deal…

I've had an issue with the site in question being discovered as fraudulent after making a purchase. As I could not find any info or reviews online I'm hoping it's okay to post here.

What looks legit with many listings, security certificate in San Francisco… Is really just a front for a Beijing company.

My original payment went thought, then another with an increase. While lucky in a way as this caught my eye. As the order confirmation email did not disclose any invoice details.

So if you see a good deal on this site just shop elsewhere as they just post all items with pics obtained from old eBay listings.


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    That you Leeroy Jenkins ?

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    Thanks OP, bought 2.

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    Thanks OP. I was just thinking about how awesome it would be if someone scammed me tonight. Bought with all my correct details, bank account and password, passport and license number

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    When the contact us page shows no telephone or address. You know it's not right. If in doubt I always check company address and phone number.

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    Free shipping over $15.00 || Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!



    Gotta love that email at the bottom 'support@jdinfo.com' in the font of the real JD.com. It's a fake parked domain and there are plenty of complaints from others using it.

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    If they don't offer paypal (not just a logo Present) and unless it's a well known business, avoid, high chance of scam site.

    Theres so many scam sites, it's pointless remembering which particular one is a scam. Best to learn how to identify and pick up red flags.


    After looking at their website, I can only assume this is completely taking the urine.