Vodafone Smart N10

I recently bought a Vodafone Smart N10 and here are my first impressions:
Has a 19:9 5.7” screen-293ppi.
Notch is a bit like the iPhone XS, design wise.

Face unlock easy to setup and quite fast unlocking.

Groovy pattern on the rear-which is striking.

Camera is good-8MP rear/5MP front , even has a portrait mode (using software tricks as there's no dual camera unlike Vodafone’s Smart V10, only one rear camera)-portrait mode also can be used with the front camera.

Plus a manual mode with ISO, WB, exposure and shutter speed setting and manual focus which I like a lot.

No fast charging unlike the Samsung Galaxy A20 which I own-charger is 5v/1A, uses microUSB

Not too much Vodafone bloatware on it-only the recharge app, MyVodafone, a parental controls app and a tips app.

When first setup, the phone gave me a update to install to bring it to the March security patch-haven’t seen any word on the Vodafone software updates page on their website regarding further security updates yet.

For the price, it suits me quite well.

Have been watching Netflix and YouTube on it plus using the Canon camera app with my Canon cameras on the Smart N10.

Quite new, can’t find many cases in stores but plenty on eBay but from overseas sellers mainly, very few Australian based sellers offering them right now.

If any of you have bought the Smart N10, feel free to reply with any questions or comments.


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