Smart home (Xiaomi & Samsung products)

Hi All,

I’m new to the whole smart home setup and need some guidance.

I just bought a number of Xiaomi security camera / sensors and hub. I also have a Samsung smart washing machine, dryer and Tv connected to smart things. Also got one google home mini if that makes any difference but not fussed about that.

What’s the best way about connecting all into one app/ program.

I came across Samsung WiFi mesh, home assistant, hubit etc but all is very confusing.

Any advice will be appreciated.


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    Might not be the advice you are looking for but if you are open to looking at the negatives, some of the pitfalls and what the whole IOT is really about you should watch this (30 minutes)


    Samsung Smart Things Hub, Xiaomi Hub, Raspberry Pi (With Homeassistant)


      Do I need to buy an extra hardware like the Samsung WiFi mesh?

      Thank you


        If you have Z-Wave, Zigbee devices then you will need some kind of hub that can talk to them using Zigbee protocol. Samsung Wifi Mesh can do that, but Raspberry Pi can't.

        Many smart home devices don't use Zigbee but just ol' plain Wifi, a hub is not required and they connect to your Wifi router and are usually controlled via it's own cloud-based IoT platform application which is linked to your google account.

        You install the IoT app on your phone (e.g Yeelight for Xiaomi bulbs or Mi Home for xiaomi cameras), make an account for that service, then launch Google Home and in there you can add the individual accounts so that Google Assistant can send commands via those services.

        To consolidate everything, you need to link all the services you have into Google Home one by one, assign rooms to each device (important) and you'll be able to control all the devices in your home through just one app.


          At the moment I got the mi app to control the sensors and camera via the xiaomi hub, so I can add these to my google home? Sorry


            @New2018: Install Home on your phone

            • Hit the Accounts icon on the bottom right
            • Tap + Setup or Add
            • Tap Set Up Device
            • Tap Set up New Devices in your Home

            or you can tap * Have Something already setup? Link your smart home services such as Philips Hue and TP-Link

            Since your Xiaomi is already setup, you will want to use the "Have something already setup" option. Then you can add a new service, just scroll until you see Mi home.


              @scrimshaw: Thank you for that but doesn’t work for cameras and sensor.

              Must be only lights and vacuums as somebody mentioned.

              Thanks for your help.


    Google home can control xiaomi yeelights and vacuum cleaner


    home assistant or hassio

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