LG B8 OLED 65" $2396

Hi guys i just wanted to share this insane price i got from the Goodguys thanks to a few who uploaded there screenshots of this price JBHIFI had a couple weeks ago. I managed to snag the oled b8 65" for $2396 + $55 for delivery and installation from the Goodguys yesterday by just showing them a screenshot of the $2396 price JBHIFI had a while ago they matched it no problems at all.

So if your looking at getting this Phenomenal TV ask them to price match it and they most likely will.

If anyone cant find the screenshots i can upload them.

https://imgur.com/P9EAgWB here is my receipt. You will see the price isn’t $2,396 it’s because the salesman threw in installation as well then we decided to get a soundbar so the price is rounded up. You can see the total cost $3,040 which is $2396+$55 for delivery then $590 for soundbar.

I used this screenshot from the previous deal to get the price also.

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The Good Guys