This was posted 1 year 8 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Step One Men's Boxers / Trunks from $12/Pair (15 Pairs) 20% off @ Step One


15 Pairs 20%

$12 Pair

7 Pairs 10% EOFY10
$18 Pair

4 Pairs 5% EOFY5
$21 Pair

Lycra Make ‘front wedgies’ a thing of the past.
No more uncomfortable chafing
POUCHLess skin to leg contact reduces sweat.
Being surrounded by the pouch will lift and provide an illusion of being ‘bigger’.
Material Wicks sweat away from the body leaving you feeling fresher longer.
Makes cotton feel like sandpaper covered in rust & gravel

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  • Wrong website
    Correct link is:

    EDIT: Looks like you fixed it as I wrote this. NVM. :)

    • Yep. Fixed that 2 minutes ago. The horrors of using mobile, combined with dusting off an antique phone because you dropped your flagship. :(

  • +3 votes

    Their ad's are a pain…

  • Bought a pair, honestly, not worth the premium over just going to Kmart and getting the sporty Alpha stretch sweat wick type trunks, which are $8

  • $78 for 15 pairs…was too slow to jump on that deal before.

    • I think that was more a 'hack' than a deal wasn't it?. I posted this because I bought into the hype and I'm not going back. Ever. Yes the ads are painful which is exactly what I think they were aiming for.

  • Can undies really be that good?

    • I'm not sure its a case of this underwear being good, but rather all other underwear being really really bad.

      They all seem to have switched to a heavy seam along the crutch. If your legs rub together, it cuts into your thighs.
      Literally cuts. I have a scar from it.

      And they all seem to do it. Kmart. Big w. Myers. David jones. Dozens of different brands, all making their underwear the exact same way.

    • Yes. Uniqlo Airism boxer briefs. Light, breathable, stretchy. Most comfortable undies I've ever worn, I'd say easily worth the $15.


    Surely only girls can get 'front wedgies'? 😁

  • Jumped on this band wagon a while ago, I had 8 pairs, wore out in about 6 months. Bonds are probably better value when they're on sale.

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    "Being surrounded by the pouch will lift and provide an illusion of being ‘bigger’"

    If this is your aim, just jam a cucumber down yr jocks - works for me. But don't invite the girls around for salad or your game's up.

  • Okay, so I got some at the last “deal”.

    I was so angry with this company because I felt a startup company couldn’t/shouldn’t be asking $29 per pair.
    But I got some, and put them on.

    These are simply the best undies I’ve ever experienced.

    I’m a slightly overweight guy and a big time sweater. I perspire a lot, including around my sack.

    I have an issue with undies getting wet, then chaffing the (profanity) out of my thighs and taint. It’d get red raw in summer humidity and I’d have to apply tinea treatment cream to reduce the pain and take away the inflammation.

    These undies make that problem disappear. I don’t know how, it is like magic. I’m definitely buying 15 pairs with this deal.

    TLDR: Great undies.

  • In typical fashion, I bought earlier this week because it didn't seem like they were going to do an EOFY sale. But as above, definitely the best underwear I've ever worn, I tried to wear the older stuff the other day and couldn't understand why I had used them for so long!

  • Yeah. I love this underwear. Was in 2 minds about posting it because I don't think it's an earth shattering deal, just too good to pass up if you are already riding this train. Clearly they are as dividing of an opinion as those who don't pee in the shower, and those who are 100% convinced that everyone does.

  • Bear in mind you can get a free pair if you try them and dont like them - but the free pair only is if you order 1 pair.

    If you havent tried them before, i would buy 1 pair and if you like them buy more after you've tried them.

    If you dont like them, you message them within 30 days and get to keep your first pair free.

    IMHO they are OK, but nothing special. Definitely not worth $29 per pair.
    You can get decent boxers on special for no more than $5 a pair at Target, Kmart, etc from time to time - and you dont have to buy 15 pairs at a time!

    I am sticking to the Kmart/Target/Rivers boxers…

    • Their FAQ say they'll refund your full purchase price if you buy a multi-pack, but you have to send all but 1 back unworn. So if you're going to jump on this deal, buy as many as you would buy if they're good enough, and if you find that they're not, send all but the trial pair back.

      • The cost to return the trunks is at your expense if you buy a multipack.

        Much better IMHO to get 1 pair, try them, then decide if to go for more.
        If you decide not to proceed, you dont need to spend anything on a return.

        I have also seen a lot of comments about these not being so durable, so even if you like them, you might want to see how they hold up after say 3 months of regular wear before committing to purchasing 15 pairs….

        Deals on these undies come up every couple of months at least….

        • Valid points, but if you pay via paypal then paypal will refund your return shipping cost. I have seen the complaints about durability, but they have a 12mth warranty and seem to actively try to get people to claim on warranty if there is an issue.

          • @WazzaP: Warranty Policy

            Relax… we have got you. We offer a 12-month warranty on all manufacturer defects as long you have purchased your garments directly from Step One. The 12 month period starts on the date of purchase. If a First Pair Guarantee or exchange takes place, the warranty is covered from the date of the original purchase.

            You are required to keep the original faulty items for the warranty period and if requested, return them to us via mail, in the instance we are required to return them to our supplier. Step One reserves the absolute right to not replace items if we believe they have been used in extraordinary situations or they have deliberately been tampered with.

            Step One are designed to be worn the correct way, wearing them inside out will void any warranty claims as this creates excessive wearing on the stitching as it's designed to be worn on the outside of the garment.

            If there's a problem, please contact us on [email protected] or social and we will advise of the steps to replace any faulty garments.

            Please note for all warranty claims that the garments will either need to be returned to Step One, or photographic evidence will be produced prior to being issued any replacements.

            All Flag labels must be in tack for a warranty claim. The Flag Label can be found on the front of the garment that would normally sit on the right thigh.

            No garment manufacturer in the world will offer a 100% quality rate. There will be the odd defect, but, take a deep breath, it's OK.. we will, of course, replace it… just hit us up on social or email.. a photo is always appreciated so we can work out where the issue came from.

            Please note that excessive farting or skid marks causing holes in the back area or misuse of the garments or not following the Care Instructions will void any warranty claims.

          • @WazzaP: Strange warranty excluding excessive farting or skid marks causing holes in the back area.

            They are underwear. How do they measure excessive farts?

            • @aussietivoman: I think the excessive farts thing is intended as a joke, though if they rejected my return based on excessive farts I'd probably frame it. And yes paypal returns are limited to 8 per year, and taking a photo of the receipt and my package (which according to Step one is "massive" :D) if I needed to return them is hardly mucking around, hell I'd say it's just as hard taking your receipt and torn grundies back to kmart/target/rivers only to be told you hadn't farted in them enough, so they were denying warranty.

          • @WazzaP: You only get a limited number of returns free with PayPal.

            Plus you have to provide them with photos of your receipt and the package - a lot of mucking around…

  • Maxx trunks are 4 for $20 at the moment ($8 per pair normally).

    Dare to compare!

  • +1 vote

    Bought one lot, very skeptical. But they are well worth the money. They do get sweaty in summer, but less chafing than Bonds. Bought a second lot 6 months later - They changed the tags on the inside which now need to be cut off. Hopefully they change this back to the original style.

    Also second set had a pair with almost zero stretch in the leg stitching. Contacted them on Facebook and they sent out a new pair straight away. Good company to deal with, good products. Pricing is steep tho unless you get these deals. You will bin all your other undies after wearing these so the multi pack is the way to go. Caution - don't throw them in the dryer.

  • Added 4 to the cart - applied the discount code "EOFY5" and the total price come to $87.40

    Post states;
    4 Pairs 5% EOFY5
    $21 Pair

    $21 * 4 = $84

    Am i missing something?

    • I'd drop them a quick message with a please explain, I'm sure they'll resolve because look at this:

      • I think they stuffed up their calculations, 5% discount on $23 is $21.85, but as their email shows $21 flat a pair they should honour that.

      • Did they reply yet?

        Because the issue still hasn't been resolved yet and I was hoping to order 4 pairs and the deal ends tonight at midnight.