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Viofo A129 DUO Dual Dash Cam with GPS $193.50 Delivered @ Linelink Online (Was $227)


Morning Ozbargainers,

On offer is the Viofo A129 Duo Dual Lens Dual Channel Dash Cam With GPS for $193.50 by using the checkout code Y9WX03W4NYRF which gives you 10% off the listed price of $215. This is a special EOFY deal that finishes at 11.30PM on the 1st of July. It's an amazing Dash Camera for the money and really delivers outstanding footage quality to protect you and your vehicle. Shipping is free and the offer is available until the 1st of July or earlier if stocks are sold out. The stock is genuine Australian stock with local warranty as we are an authorised Australian Viofo dealer. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery for this deal as we expect demand to be very high like the last Viofo A129 DUO deal that we offered. Looking for a different model of Viofo Dash Cam? Visit our site and we'll be happy to set you up with a great deal.

Happy EOFYS!

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  • Dang it, bought this from Linelink (with a hardwire kit) literally 2 days ago.

    Tossed up buying it for a week wondering if I should wait and see if it gets cheaper.

    Oh well, guess that's life. Good price!

  • Tempting but feel burnt as my 119 died in under 2 years. 118 going strong though!

  • Cheaper if you apply the SALE10 code if you also get the hardwired kit

  • Thanks OP just purchased.

  • Is the hardwire kit really needed? Does this camera plug into the cigarette lighter? Surely you just buy the camera and thats it for $193

    • Hardwire kit lets the camera be powered when the car is turned off, for parking mode. Otherwise the camera loses power after the car is turned off, and you won't get any parking mode recordings.

      • And allows for four voltage drop cut off settings so you can choose when the cut off is - quite important if you are not running an external additional battery.
        These things in parking mode don't use much power though and would take days of low frame rate/time lapse recording to get to cut off stage on a good battery.
        If you leave the car for a long period somewhere safe, you can also just unplug it easily.
        This is a great review that covers a lot of basics;

  • Do they record separately or is it combined in the main camera?

    • They do stored in front camera’s memory together but separated by using different alphabet ending so you can distinguish the front camera to rear cameras’ recording individually.

  • Any deals on 119 V3? Is there an updated 129 Duo model coming soon?

  • Don'f forget a suitable memory card… I got this one (not in a hurry)

    • You cant go wrong with this camera at this price point! Ones before this - there was always something that it didn't do well etc around this price point, but now there's no excuse not to have one of these puppies. Even if you only need it once, it could save you your rating and an excess payment… not to mention having to create an MS paint diagram and explain to OZBargain forums what happened seeking legit legal advice haha.

  • Any cheap blackvue 900 deals? missed that autobahn one

  • Mate the popups on the website are really annoying.

    • Agree here. It's quite aggressive, would be ideal if they toned it down and did a little testing to see what we experience when we visit a few times

  • Would be great if it worked as a reverse camera too..

  • Looks like need to run the wire near the front airbag. will this void the car warranty? Just bought a new car a month ago. Friends warned me not to install third party products by myself, sometimes Honda will void their warranty. Advise pls. thanks.

  • In terms of evidence when some (profanity) reverses into you and then drives off, what does the gps provide that the $99 dashcams don't?

  • Anyone bought it from them?

  • Just got message from Linelink, shipping will be on the 10th July.

    • I know the description was 7-10 days, but was there that much volume? Really? I thought 7-10 worst case, but would have been 5 days or so.
      I see the website is pretty full on with badges of excellence and promises of fast, free delivery.
      I wouldn't buy again when it takes 12 Days just to ship an item. I haven't even received a notification or tracking number and I am told by the website I need to email to ask for it?
      That's unacceptable for any online only business, no matter how cut price.

      Maybe they could spend less time on live chat and more time picking and packing.

    • Did they actually send it today?

      • Havent recieved any notification yet. I did get my memory card today though, posted from US.

        • My guess is they are waiting on stock.

          • @John Dough: For me it seems they are into drop shipping. They use shopify.

            • -2 votes

              @Rosace: Thanks for your comment however it's not quite right. We have been in business since the early 90's and we are not a drop shipping outfit. We have a warehouse in Victoria that that we ship most of our consignments from. Business as usual orders generally ship overnight folks. But as advertised, this was a special deal with delivery time frames clearly posted.

  • Bought 30th June and still not sent T_T

  • What a joke. Took them 2 weeks just to send it out

  • To be fair, it does say in the title "Please allow 7-10 days for delivery"

  • "Please allow 7-10 days for delivery for this deal as we expect demand to be very high"

    Should be honest and up front and read something like;

    "In order for us to provide Ozbargainers with the absolute lowest price, we use drop ship methods and your order will dispatch on 10 July if you order before 30 June"

    • -3 votes

      Josh, we don't drop ship but we worked with Viofo Australia to deliver this deal for Ozbargain members exclusively. Thanks for your support.

      • Sure, but I am reading this, 16 days later. Yes 16 Days. And still no delivery of my dash cam.
        Had to cancel my install two weekends running.
        Not good enough for an AU distributor.
        All for ~$20 bucks off! If I had of known I would have just purchased elsewhere.

        • -3 votes

          John, please email us and we'll track this for you. All orders were dispatched with Australia Post Express Post on the 9th and 10th of July. We can send you your specific tracking details and follow up with Australia Post for you. They say 1 to 3 days is the accepted norm for their express post network.

  • My Dashcam has arrived Yay!

  • My order was shipped since July 10, and still not arrived.

    Shipping Method
    FREE Express Post Shipping (1-3 Days) Australia Post (Orders Over $50)

    • Same here. I've just contacted them and I have a tracking number (6074000327**93). As per Australia Post information, this shipment is Express Post (1 day from their warehouse to my current delivery address).

      They package was sent on 10th July and still waiting…

      • Yes I am pretty annoyed about this. If they said hey, it will be 20 days delivery, I'd make my mind up about if it was worth the wait.
        It's selling stock they don't actually have but not actually admitting to that - pretty dodgy, and I wonder if legal under AU consumer law.

        Also they said 7-10 days for delivery in the description, not 7-10 days until dispatch, two very different things.

        Now my email support request is claiming they told us items were not shipping until 10th July.
        Well it's 17 July and the items have not yet shipped as the Aus post tracking has not changed on our orders.

        Where to from here, I just want my bloody dash cam or my order cancelled so I can buy elsewhere.

    • Item received today. It is indeed through Express Post.

  • I am in the same boat. I got an email notification that my order had shipped on the 10th. I received no tracking number. I contacted them to ask for one after 3 days and no sign of delivery. I got a tracking number and when I put it in Aus Post it only details the pickup but no other tracking events have registered. It has now been 5 working days (7 in total) since my next day delivery was supposed to arrive. Something is terribly wrong. I have been in email contact and they assure me they are doing everything possible to find out what happened and get me my shipment but I am fast losing faith in them.

    • Yep, it appears quite a few people are having the same issue and receiving the same response.

      I received an email confirming my order was sent on Thursday July 11 and are yet to receive my order. Tracking number suggests it was lodged with Aus Post on Wed July 10, with no update since.

      And here I was…. worried that the memory card I ordered on the same day (I used the link above - thanks JD) would delay my installation (card received Wed July 10).


      • UPDATE - my order has now been received (SA).

        Hopefully all those who are similarly affected will receive their order soon.

        This was my first and final order with this supplier.

  • "As you’d have seen on OzBargain this was a special deal with delivery processing not taking place until the 10th of July. Viofo Australia managed fulfillment of this special deal and owing to the influx of orders there was a slight delay for which we do apologise."

    If they were posted via express post I would have had my order by Monday 15 July worst case scenario.

    Their response "thank you for your patience, please wait another 48 hours."

    Im super annoyed about it.

    • Yep join the club, and it's still nowhere in sight.
      Can we demand a refund? Since it's still not shipped 20 days later?

      EDIT - just checked tracking now and apparently it's on board for delivery today. One can only hope!

      • I finally received my order this morning. Fingers crossed you get yours today.

        This bargain was a balls up. I wont be ordering through Linelink in the future regardless of price.

        • Mine just arrived now as well. They flat out lied to me saying that it was certainly posted on the 10th and they had no idea why Australia Post hadn't delivered it. As per above I won't be buying from these people again.

          • @muddie: Mine just arrived too! Agree with all of you. Something is not quite right with the delivery/transaction…

            Anyways, good luck everyone receiving your dash cams.

          • -1 vote

            @muddie: Muddie, thanks for your message. All of these items were dispatched with Australia Post on 10/7 as per the tracking. We are working with Australia Post to try and ascertain why delivery on all these items took 7-8 days. We are just as frustrated with Australia Post who for many years have been a very reliable and dependable delivery partner of ours. But I want to be absolutely clear, we didn't lie as all orders were lodged with Australia Post on the 10th and delivery to most parts of Australia should have been the following day. We are now looking at moving our business to an alternative carrier.

            • @Linelink: If the parcels were not sent, then I guess you wouldn't have a tracking number, so I am inclined to believe you guys about this.
              Something has obviously gone wrong in the process somewhere.

              If it helps in your complaint with Aus post, the package looks like it's gone round Australia twice in the back of a GQ patrol!

              Pretty annoyed with the whole process, but it's finally arrived and the camera is looking pretty sweet, can't wait to install it on the weekend.

            • @Linelink: Ok but I called Australia Post and they said that bulk customers can lodge the tracking numbers automatically and that that causes the Aus Post System to log it as received even though it may not be actually picked up that that time. They are insisting that lodgement does not mean pickup and that their best guess as to why my package was not on its way was that the tracking numbers had been lodged electronically but that they had not actually been dispatched. What ever, I got it in the end and it's not worth getting all upset about but the experience has no doubt soured me towards your brand.


                @muddie: I can assure you that they were absolutely sent on 9th and 10th of July. Australia Post let us down in a big way which is why we are now looking at alternative carriers. You should have had your delivery no later than the 11th of July.