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Just wondering if it's just me or if anyone else is finding that Kogan mobile internet is getting slower and slower. I can barely open a webpage lately, just times out. Getting 0.28mbps download and 0.09mbps upload with 18s latency.

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  • I just ran a speedtest 94.2Mbps down 15.1 Mbps up in metro Syd

    • wtf. so jealous. i just ran speedtest app, connection multi:
      47 down and 4 up

      but during peak time 7pm weekdays, i got 5 down and 1 up

      south west sydney postcode 2213

      • Gees I’m only getting 32 down, but I am getting 30 up in metro Melb.

        Editing just tried again and got 40 down and 32 up.

        • What postcode pls? Was looking at this after my catch connect but now I'm not so sure. In Melbourne as well.

  • That happened to me the one time I tried a free sim from Kogan. Never touched them again.

  • Took a speedtest yesterday evening and got 170Mbps down and 37Mbps up.

    This is SE Melbourne at around 7:00pm

  • 122mbps down, 24 up for me in Canberra suburbs on Kogan. I've honestly had zero issues with them, especially for the price!

  • yesterday was 60 down, 37 up; today 34 down 6 up, both same inner sydney location… depends on time of day and week?

  • Postcode 5000. Super slow recently. 4mbs upload .5 down….spewing I just recharged a year plan too. Hope it gets better

  • I'm postcode 4170 in Brisbane. Struggling even to comment on above posts lol! I'm on a yearly sim too with another 6 months to go. It's driving me a bit nuts.

    • I'm at 4152 Helenn, and have had a slow down over the past 1-2 months. Sites fail to load etc. My 12 months is up in august…

  • Postcode 3150, 85 down 25 up at 8:20am Speedtest

  • This is why I left Kogan and went for the JBHifi Telstra deal. Had to constantly switch to wifi in the house cos it was so poor for mobile internet. Noticed from about April, Kogan was pretty bad… I'm in Adelaide.

  • I noticed with Kogan Mobile it takes a while to switch between Wifi and 4G.
    I've never had this problem with any other company.

  • I've noticed this recently too. Just did a speedtest using Ookla and got 1.42Mb/s down 0.01 up. 78ms latency. Postcode 6148. Woeful!!

  • Im at sydney CBD and all of last week its been slow. < 5mbit/s

  • I have kogan on my personal phone & Telstra on my work phone. From my office which is 100 Meters from Tesltra offices (thought 25 floors up) in Melb CBD I get Kogan 20/13 & Telstra 5/21. At home in 3016 Kogan is faaster 196/57 for me then Telstra 129/56 in 3016. Can never understand the Telstra love if you live close to the CBD, its the only network in my experience that doesn't work in the train loop

  • It’s been happening a shit load this past month. Random times it will just stop altogether. Happened about 35 times so far….

  • Mine has been super slow as well. There are so many times I try running the Google photos app and the photos wouldn't even load. It is ridiculous, I'll be switching over to Telstra short too.

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