First Gaming Mouse for Large Hands?

Hi everyone,
Hoping for some guidance on getting a gaming mouse for large hands. I'm new to gaming mice, so a bit lost at where to start.


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    Describe “Large hands”

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      Mice have paws not hands.

  • Not monstrous but a little bigger than average….

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    • hahahhaa that is insane!

  • I have larger hands and quite happy with the Razer Mamba mouse.
    I've had it for many years and it hasn't missed a beat!
    It is a hybrid wired/wireless model so you have the best of both worlds.
    I believe that the newer ones are chroma as mine is the older "Green" theme.

    • Thanks, that's helpful!

  • Which games? FPS or role playing?

    I use Logitech's. Software is fine. I like their extra features (like hyper scroll) and battery life. They have enough programmable buttons for my use.

    That said, I tend to have a button fail every year or two, but they have an excellent warranty when you contact them directly. I also wait until they are on sale for ~half the RRP when buying a new one.

    • Role playing more so. Wanting something rechargeable too I think.thanks for your input!

      • Logitech's range dosen't fit your use at the moment (large, tons of buttons and wireless).

        The G600 MMO is basic, wires and has 12 programmable buttons on it's side.

        MX Master is premium, wireless and has two side buttons, a side scroll wheel and hyper scroll. It is often on sale for under $70

        The G903 Hero/G503 Lightspeed are silly money. The 903 has a few extra buttons, is ambidextrous and has inductive charge (if you buy logi's wireless charging mat). The G503 has weights and is 'gamer'.

        • Thanks for such a thorough response! I'll keep it all in mind.

  • mx518 legendary

    • I’ll check it out!

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    It shouldn't make a difference, if using correctly only your fingertips should be touching the mouse so hand size is irrelevant. Just get the Logitech G502 it's the best out there right now for necessary features.

    • Cheers

      • I have large hands & I am a happy owner of the Logitech G502

    • …I don't think there's a "correct" grip type.

      But even if you were just talking about the claw grip. A big hand a small mouse would mean your fingers would be arched way higher then comfortable.

  • I'm a little fearful to show the level of my noobness but what is the downside to getting and using this mouse rather than an actual gaming mouse?

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      First of all, Logitech make the best mice

      Now, wireless have a slight lag, having a wired mouse is the best for gaming unless you get a high end wireless mouse (from Logitech)
      Get their latest wireless mouse if you are going to game

      I have a bit of carpal tunnelling, so I use an MX Vertical mouse for my day to day stuff & I game with my G502

      • cheers

        • your welcome, I hope it helps you

          • @the Unforgiven: It does, I had more or less narrowed down Logitech was the way to go, you confirmed this. Dropping anything over about $50 is a bit of a stretch for me so the top of the line one you linked is a bit out of reach.

            This is the mouse you are using:

            Seems like a good deal to me. Thoughts?


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              @MrFizz: Yep, that is the one I have
              I liked it that much I bought another one earlier this year from Amazon as the yank site had it on sale
              Click buy, you will love that mouse (and so does my cat)
              If you check eBay, they have replacement feet for that mouse, cheap ATM too

              • @the Unforgiven: awesome, thanks for the pointers

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                  @MrFizz: I just bought 2 pairs of feet for my G502's, they do wear out slowly if you game a lot, as I do (easy to replace)
                  That mouse also has weights so you can adjust it to whatever weight you like your mouse, I like a heavy mouse, so I just leave them all in
                  enjoy your new mouse :) give the old one to the cat

  • I ended up grabbing a Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse for $79! Excited to get it home and give it a go! Should be a bit better than the Apple Magic Mouse I have been using haha

    • It looks like a really nice mouse. It has top optics too. Is it a big mouse?
      Where were the buttons on the Apple Magic mouse?

      • It's bigger than my old mouse and a good size for my hand. No buttons on a magic mouse so you can only click one button at a time which isnt great for gaming haha. Very happy with it so far.

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