[XB1/XB360] Games with Gold July 2019 - Inside and Castlevania @ Microsoft


Xbox One
Inside - July 1-31
Big Crown Showdown - July 16-August 15

Xbox 360
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - July 1-15
Meet the Robinson's - July 16-31

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    Inside was close to my GOTY 2016. It’s only a few hours long, but worth playing for anyone that missed it.

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    I know they may not be the best games, but they are sick for me

    Castlevania is great news. I have been burning through a couple of the old ones after playing Bloodstained and never actually played SotN, I loaded it up onto my $39 PS Classic a couple weeks back but haven't touched it yet, now I can touch it in HD.

    Meet the Robinsons will likely be a dud, but I was looking for Toy Story the other day to show the 3 year old kiddo and found this movie as well, I've not seen it since it came out, so we can watch the movie and then play the game together, I'm pumped.

    Inside is also pretty good supposedly, I'll check it out eventually. Still haven't played Limbo though, despite having both the 360 and Xbox One versions on my console.

    Big Crown though, no idea at all about it.


      Big Crown

      It looks like a 4-player co-op brawler requiring a minimum of two players and no computer players. The online population is non-existent, which I guess is the problem that the devs are hoping to address by putting it on GWG.

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      Rush is on game pass. You play along side the cast of cars, finding Nemo, toy story, the incredibles and ratatouille. I haven't played it yet, but looks like great fun for kids (and nostalgia filled adults like myself).

      Each movie has its world that you enter and play games themed around that movieverse.


      SotN is the grand-daddy of Castlevania, best of the metrovania game type.

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    This is how it's done, Sony.

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      In terms of a subscription service, you definitely have a point. As far as everything else goes, this generation has been nothing short of disastrous for Microsoft. Genuinely interested to see what they do with Scarlett though, I’m hoping they turn things around. The signs are promising so far at least.

      • -4 votes

        100%. I love the Xbox brand, but it’s been absolutely woeful for the last few years. Hopefully the studio spending spree starts delivering from next year on.

        • +2 votes

          I’m inclined to think they’ll come back strong with the new machine. They’ve been buying up some really talented studios and they simply can’t afford to fail. Hopefully they leave those recent exclusives in the dust and move on with some exciting content. Sony has blitzed them with exclusives over the past couple of years and they still have Death Stranding and Last of Us Part 2 on the way.

          I’m a happy owner of both machines (I’ll always need my Forza fix) but Microsoft has made some truly awful mistakes with the Xbox One.


          you might be getting downvoted badly, but what you say is hard to argue against

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    INSIDE (as it's stylised) is amazing! As above, it's short and sweet.

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    Castlevania Symphony of the night is one of the greatest games of all time for me.
    Great addition.

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    Great games. That ultimate game pass deal has turned my dust collecting xbox into my primary ganing console.

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    Inside is bloody brilliant. The last 20 minutes or so is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen or played.


    Doesn't look like Meet The Robinsons is available on the store anymore in Australia so will be interesting to see if they add it before the 16th or give us a different game.


    Inside is absolutely fantastic. Anyone who hasn't played through yet is in for a treat.


    Thanks. Now all I need to find is a good deal on the Xbox live gold as mine is about to expire next month. Can't find them cheaper anywhere ATM

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    BTW Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is available now (edit) AND inside too

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


    Inside - edit now available

    tips and tricks with gold games

    *For those that don't know, the games tend to expire after the last country ticks over to the 1st of the month or the 16th of the month, and they are made available to "get" in the store before the first country hits the 1st or 16th of the month which means there is over 24hrs of overlap. So, for example, if you have a 1 month voucher or trial and you activate it on the 1st or 16th Melbourne time but it's still the 31st or 15th Los Angeles time (don't wait too late but also don't be early) you can "get" the 2 expiring games , the 2 new games and the 1 holdover game straight away via the store, then you get 2 more game in 15 days and then another 2 on your last day but don't leave it too long always check the store listing for each game never wait for the games with gold links to change, so this gets you 9 games, plus any extra games offered in other countries stores.

    *you can get other countries' xbox one games with gold when they have alternative games (normally race the sun and cobalt) use google chrome to auto translate the page if you are not fluent, but still take care not to "purchase" but to "get" as the translations are not perfect and if you have already got the game you will be offered to buy to own and only press once as it may not show as ready to install until later or after you go searching in the store app of your Xbox one, where it should say "install".
    *also sometimes the "get" option doesn't appear recently, keep reloading or try a different browser (i had to use edge for cobalt in feburary 2019) and copy Korean text into google translate by hand.

    *Bonus possible Errors: 48 hour codes can "get" you Xbox one games with gold, confirmed in august 2018 AND April 2019 by me, hopefully still going, possible only some codes (not 2 day codes but only older 48hr codes? earliest google result December 2017, definitely didn't work before. Someone says they could get Xbox 360 games with some effort but didn't say how, but I couldn't/didn't find a way. possibly you might need an xbox 360 to pull out of storage? i didn't check that way.


    I don't think Meet The Robinsons is available in Australia so it'll be interesting to see what replaces it here.


    Any decent xbox live 12 month deals?