Has anyone dealt with Frequent Flyer Solutions?

Have 800k QFF points and a bronze card holder finding it hard to get anything half decent for 2 business class travel.In desperation I came across frequent flyer solutions and with the dates and countries I provided they can help for a fee of $400. Have any forum readers had good or bad experiences with them,thank you

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  • No.

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    Go on Aust frequent flyer forum, ask your question there and you might even get some great ideas for free.

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    they can help for a fee of $400

    lol no, just no

  • What route/dates you trying to find? That will have the biggest impact of anything can be done with points.

    • Post these and we'll see if we can point you in the right direction.

      Some routes have availability tomorrow and some are booked out months and months in advance.

  • Keep in mind that if you are flying to a few destinations then you will probably need to pay hundreds if not over a thousand in taxes and fees anyway so an extra $200 per person to outsource the hard part may be worth it for you.

    I haven't used it but have seen reports on that forum on how helpful it has been for others especially for business class round the world travel for more than 2 people that would take hours if not days to find yourself.

  • Yes I have just recently dealt with them and thought it was worth every cent. They managed to secure an itinerary for me for 2 first class seats for an around the world trip. Had I tried to do this myself I would hate to think how much time and searching I would have had to do. The service was quite quick and I felt was definitely worth the cost.

  • Yep, used them to book RTW for three in business last year.
    Great to deal with and saves you plenty of time, and cheap going by quotes from other companies ( Plenty wanted USD $1000 +)

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    Just an update…have decided to do the classic rewards myself…..trouble is getting out of Australia flying business is hard.A tip for oz bargain readers get a $170 flight to Bali or Singapore on a low cost carrier (Manila if u can they have the cheapest taxes and surcharges)and the business and first class options are everywhere (Qatar and Emirates)and I gave myself a treat flying home first class direct into Brisbane from Jordan flying Emirates in the Airbus.

    Bali-Morocco-Spain-Israel—Jordan-Dubai-Brisbane a mix of business and first approx 350k

  • I contacted them recently, they told me I was too early to book the flights I was interested in,so I booked them myself anyway… J reward to Paris on Singapore Airlines with the 2 Middle seats that turn into a double bed like arrangement, then flying home from Milan. Seems I wasn't too early.

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