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½ Price Mr Chen’s Yum Cha Range 625g-1 kg $8.50 Each @ Woolworths

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  • These were seriously gross, pricing aside.

  • These are delicious, except for the vegetarian dumplings which are so so.


    I tried them and they tasted terrible. I just don't understand why Woolies/Coles bother to stock them at all. Only prawn hargow is somewhat worth buying, but they aren't that good either.

    • I guess because people are happy to pay inflated prices for made in Vietnam (or similar) frozen dimsum.

    • Which frozen hargows are worth buying in ur opinion? I like kb hargows but they hardly ever in stock at my local coles

  • Mr Chen's has NOTHING on KB's!!

  • These or Diana Chan?

    • I prefer Mr Chen’s especially their Ginger Prawn. I tried Diana Chan's Szechuan dumplings and after steaming, it's very dry.

      • Asian grocery stores do those better. It’s like trying to order sweet sour pork in China.

        • Brand please? I've had good gyoza at Asian groceries but yet to try good hargows. Mr Chens are pretty close to heaven though, for me. Not sure if that's blasphemy.

    • Diana Chan probably rate pretty well in taste.

      They do tend to be sort of dry and maybe a tad too chewy for a dumpling.

    • Diana Chan ofcourse, quality! (if you know how to steam/fried them properly)

  • Do Aldi still do the cheaper version?

  • Love these, the KB ones are gross! The flour of the KB ones is thicker and has more of a smell. I find the Mr Chens ones pretty similar to ones at Yum cha.

    • Absolutely agree! They are now the only hargow i buy for home to satisfy my yum cha cravings when i don't feel like going to the real yum cha restaurant.

      • I feel both happy and sad. That there are people agree with me, and that I'll have to compete with them for stock. :()

        • Always do rain check and purchase the week after when out of stock.

          • @elf888: I do that sometimes, but last time I did, I returned to store twice the week after and they were still out of stock, third time it was just past 30 day period.

  • I found Mr. Chen's pretty average. Prefer Diana's if you like more meaty + tasty dumplings.

  • Not sure why people are shitting on these, yeah they're frozen and obviously don't taste as good as fresh ones at yumcha but they do the job and hit the spot when you're craving hargow but don't want to pay $8 for 3 pieces at a chinese restaurant. (except the vege ones, they're gross)
    Source: am Chinese

  • I'm Asian and I love these especially when they are half price. Less men more share.

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