Tesla Sportswear (E.g. Compression Shorts $14, Long Sleeve $16), CQR Men's Flannel $27 (Free Delivery with Prime) @ Amazon AU


On sale now @Amazon. Many sizes and colours available. Some items for women on sale as well.
Don't forget cashback.


CQR by Tesla Men's Flannel Long Sleeved Plaid 100% Cotton Brushed Shirt for $26.98 (Free Delivery with Prime) @ Amazon AU

Originally approx. $94.0.

Several colour options available in S, M, L and XL sizes.

CQR is a full-fledged outdoor brand with excellent durability, functionality and comfort that has been launched by Tesla.

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    Finally I can afford a tesla :D

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    Cars did not work out?

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    Size up one size for regular fit for compression top tshirt.
    I have nike and under armour compresstion top in M and had to order L as M is too tight.

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    Elon secret business?

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    Save 10% more when you buy three or more products from Tesla AU.

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    Why don't long sleeve compression tops ever seem to have a zipper? You'd think it'd be much easier to get into/out of…


    I don’t know how many laws this company is breaking, but they even use the Tesla stock code on some of their items (TSLA). This is obviously a massive trademark infringement.


      They operate in different industries and Tesla is a common word. Unless they are trying to trade on the fame of the other Tesla there is no trademark infringement. It's even possible this tesla has been around longer than the car company.


        Hmm - looks like Tesla (cars) also have apparel - https://shop.tesla.com/us/en/category/apparel.html so I wouldn't say completely different industries. Also I'm going to suggest that Tesla is not a common word, for the cars I'm gathering it's named after Nikola Tesla, father of electricity etc, so kind of makes sense. He was a pretty innovative guy but I can't really see a fair association for clothes using his name - although of course I guess there's the chance that other family members with the same surname might have started a clothing business - which would then change things.
        I seem to recall some other business called McDonalds being taken to court, the food company challenging the business owner who was just using their surname. Don't know how it turned out.


          Apparel isn't the primary business of Tesla (Car) and wouldn't exist without it being a successful brand first. Another question would be when did they bring out their clothing merchandise? Before or after the other Tesla.

          Tesla as a word has existed for a very long time and there would be many people worldwide with that surname. It's a perfectly fine name for a sports clothing company (electricity is often seen as fast).

          There probably are plenty of trademark cases with McDonalds. There was a case recently where they lost the trademark to Big Mac (in the EU i think). There are also famous cases with Apple and one I quite like with Nissan USA.


            @Hellfire: Telsa Cars was registered in 2003 and came out with the Roadster in 2008.

            https://www.whois.com/whois/teslagears.com tells me that Tesla gear registered their domain in 2011 (although it's possible they already had a business before then) to Minyoung Corporation in Korea.

            Not sure when tesla cars started selling apparel, but in a quick search I found an article from 2013 that mentioned it, so could have been before then, I'm going to say at least 2012 in order to have a history of sales.

            I think it would be reasonable to assume that as Tesla the brand started to become more popular, Minyoung decided to capitalize on it.

            The specifics of when each started selling clothing and whether being in Korea is far enough removed would be for courts to decide.


        Well they are using the stock code, so it's a clear rip off.


    Has anyone tried these? I wonder how they compare to big brands (ecspecially wicking qualities, not so much compression) and on the other hand, cheap aliexpress/ebay noname brands? I am looking more towards their running shorts/t-shirts for running/circuit training/boxing anyway…

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      I got some of these when they were black with red stitching. Thinner than Kmart brand compression but still more expensive. The Kmart brand stuff held up, the Tesla stuff ripped around the groin/knee areas.


    Are these the normal price for the Tesla compression gear? I've been watching these for the last couple weeks and seems about the same to me.

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    Does this stuff have ludicrous mode ?


    This is a completely separate business entity to Tesla, Inc., given the different branding and logo.

    Here is Tesla Gear.

    So, no ludicrous mode then…


    Thanks, bought shorts/leggings/short-sleeve shirt.

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    I bought a couple of Tesla compression items a few weeks ago (long sleeve, 3/4 leggings, shorts) so I could run in the cold winter mornings. For this price point they are great and get the job done. Can't comment on longevity but haven't had any problems so far.

    I got a size up as they recommended (M, I'm usually S) and it is tight but not uncomfortable, so I'd recommend you do this too.

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    All jokes aside :):), I have been using these womens leggings & Capris for two years, originally purchased from Amazon US. Jumped at the even cheaper price here in Australia (aud vs. usd) last year on Amazon Au and stocked up.

    Value for dollar compared to the top brands like Lululemon and 90 degrees, these compare favorably for quality and comfort and at a significantly cheaper price. I would never pay for those brands ever again and only buy these.

    My Capris (21") I have used for two years are starting to wear thinner, but after hundreds of wears and washes, to be expected. But hey, at this price point they have been better than great value.

    Something interesting, related to the jokes, last year they changed their brand name from TESLA to TSLA in the US market place. However, they are still an "amazon choice" product on Amazon US with over 1,600 reviews ….. https://www.amazon.com/Tesla-TM-FYP54-RED_X-Large-High-Waist...

    Bottom line, value for money I give this brand the thumbs up and I'm not associated with them in any way, just a bargain hunter letting you know these are a bargain.


    Bought x2 underpants, relaxed fit t-shirts for running, short shorts…


    Bought Tesla Underpants with ludicrous mode. Not that I need to be any quicker. lol.