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Cabeau S3 Evolution Travel Pillow $33.60 + Delivery @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


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Seems to be a very good price for this well regarded travel pillow. Peters of Kensingtons eBay store have reduced their original price from $60 to $42 and with the JUICER code this has brought the unit price down to $33.60.

I have just bought two items and got a total price of $72.20 for both (so paid $5 for delivery to Melbourne).

Cheapest elsewhere I could find was $43.95 which included delivery.

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  • How is this significantly different to the $10-$15 on eBay?

    • i have one of those el cheapo ebay ones. not very good because it's not tight enough. ive tried one of those $40 airport ones, shaped like this, and it was LOADS better

  • If you can get a S3 Cabeau evolution on eBay for that price then I would definitely post that as a deal. I would probably even buy one at that price.

    I posted it as its a very well regarded and reviewed (by users and travel gurus) accessory which for some people goes a long way.

    Agree there is (almost) always a cheaper and mimicked option.

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    btw ur links not working for me. this works tho

    • Thanks. Not sure what happened there.

  • Used it for a long haul flight. Worked well for me. Very comfortable. Also very portable as you can roll it into a small pouch provided

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    I bought one of these because I find it hard to sleep on planes. For me, it's not the perfect solution but it does solve some problems such as your head flopping forward, head tilting backwards and your mouth flying open like one of those fairground clowns… But the thing I'm trying to get used to is that your head is locked in one position. So if you're restless, this makes you more restless.

    Pretty sure it jus requires some experimentation to get the hang of. I'm going to keep on using mine.

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      if im awake i cant use it. only when im really sleepy and need to avoid sleeping on the stranger next to me

      • "sleeping on the stranger next to me"
        unless the stranger is handsome/pretty?

  • $12.50 postage to WA

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    I have just bought two items and didn't pay delivery so got a total price of $72.20 for both

    No, you paid $5 delivery for both items, a saving of $5 compared to making 2 separate purchases.

    $33.60 each x 2 = $67.20
    + $5 delivery for both items = $72.20, which is what you paid.

    • Ah, my maths was a little out.

      Body of deal updated.

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    Bought two of these last year for my partner and myself for our Japan Trip.
    We loved it and overall had a great experience using it. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

    -If you tend to tilt your head while you sleep and find you wake up with a stiff neck, this is the way to go. Velcro straps are used to hold the travel pillow in position so you don't end up sleeping in an unnatural position.
    -Comes with a carry case for easy storage. All you have to do is roll the pillow up and slide it into the carrying pouch provided.
    -The memory foam is extremely comfortable to rest your head on. However, if you are short or have a short neck, you might find it ever so slightly uncomfortable as your ears will either by slightly pressed against it or covered by it entirely. Definitely something to consider if you use headphones/earphones.

    -If you're using it while awake, it gets a bit annoying with just normal head movement or even eating.
    -The velcro straps are not very long, so depending on the airline you fly with, you may find it difficult to wrap the straps around the head rest of the seats/seat wings.
    -I tend to heat up when i sleep, so when I woke up, my neck was sweating! (but that was just my experience). My partner was fine.

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    The Evolution Cool is the one to go for. That's $57.24 delivered from the same seller.


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      After 7 months, Arnie ( youtube reviewer ) gave his view when someone asked

      “We were both disappointed with our choices. The Cabeau just didn't support my head. Kept falling forward. The hunt continues. For us at least.”

      After seeing another review ( ), the reason can be that Arnie either didn’t know or used Cabeau in 360 degree to prevent head from falling.

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        My partner has one, after upgrading several times from the earlier models. We travel a lot and she loves it.

        It has cooling vents and a semi rigid frame to stop your head from moving. Far superior to the one in this deal. This is the best price I've seen it.

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