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LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon - 75212 $149 (Was $269) C&C @ Big W


From the upcoming catalogue starting tomorrow.

Great price on this Lego set, usually retails for around $200+.

Use WISH gift cards for another 5% off.

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    Do your have any more of this catalogue?

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        That Polar Igloo set has some really good value here.

    • there's another toy catalog?

    • No, ozbargain should be rename ozgouge.

      Being resold on eBay for $200+.

      Lucky I bought 8. Might return them to BigW if no one stupid enough to buy them from my eBay listing.

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    Will I be able to put this together in less than twelve parsecs?

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      Yep, all dimensions are under 50cm.

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        I managed to finish it in under 30cm!

        • Blame Einstein. Length contraction.

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    What a piece of junk!

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      She'll make 0.5 past Lightspeed. She might not look like much, but she's got it where it counts kid. I've made a lot of special modification myself

      • Nice

        • F

  • This won't clear at that price unless very little stock I'm a little if gets to around $100 . The poor bugger's that bough this close to RRP . Thanks for catalog dealbot . Couldn't find anything this round .

  • Be careful with this kit. The unwary might find an angry Wookie hiding under the deck plates.

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    There are sharper pictures on Lego's webpage: https://shop.lego.com/en-AU/product/Kessel-Run-Millennium-Fa...

    According to that page, there are 1414 pieces in the kit, so about 10.5 cents per piece.

    • And it’s 17 cents per brick for the $1300 7541 brick Falcon.

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    This isn't the ship you're looking for…move along now.

  • honestly 150 should be the retail price

  • Seems to be only in-store?
    For some reason for me it says not available for Pick-up or Delivery… but available in-store

  • C&C but doesn't allow the pickup option.


  • in store only :(
    hope amazon price match…

  • I'll bite at $100. There's still tons of these around

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    Buying this set is about as desirable as buying a named jersey of a sports star that has recently left the team.

    People who follow the sport will not touch with a 10-foot pole, people who don't follow will see it as a bargain and be very disappointed when their target resale buyers are not interested.

    • Do you ever build Lego for fun

  • Checking though I got it wrong and it sold out . All locations near me have it at end of day 1 .

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      Being resold on eBay as we speak. Mine included yall.

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    Thanks OP, bought one for the Hubby so he will keep his hands away from my Ninjago Docks ($189 Target deal) ;)

  • Big W gave me 5 X points maybe if they gave me X 10 would fire at something . Still available all locations near me 1 is low .

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