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[Windows 10 PC] Minecraft Windows 10 Edition $4.98 + Payment Fees (Was $38.48) @ HRK


Good price, not as cheap as Gamivo deal back in May.

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  • Still not cheaper than Gamivo

  • Aren’t these like a buck somewhere? Still have mine.

  • Hi guys, I don't know much about minecraft, is this windows 10 edition the same thing as the java edition? My son was nagging me to buy Minecraft java edition for him, is this the one?

    • No they are different games, no mod support on the Windows 10 edition.


      • Ok thanks! Any recommendation where to find good deals for java edition? Cheers

          • @Agret: thanks! Wow, $33~ is good price for a Minecraft game?

            • @bto: Not really considering it is only $2 more expensive on the actual Minecraft website may as well just buy it from the official website at that point.

              I bought it back in 2010 for 10 euros roughly 15 AUD and another account a few years later for $25 still probably my most played game of all time. Spent hundreds of hours playing survival & factions with my brothers and friends, playing modded servers like FTB,Skyblock etc., setting up my own server with plugins and mods. And helping some people run their servers as well hacking and getting banned from others.

              I never really was a fan of the singleplayer vanilla game though and if that's all you need the Win10 edition will suffice but I think the Java edition was well worth what I paid for it.

              You might be able to get it alot cheaper if you look for people selling abandoned or used accounts but you always run the risk of losing access if they are dodgy and change the passwords.

            • @bto: You can check historical game prices and get alerts about game price drops at https://isthereanydeal.com/search/?q=minecraft+

    • depending how good you are with java and patching, the win10 version runs trouble free and they have their own mod community.

      the java edition you will need to constantly patch as new versions of java are released and wrong version of java means mods stop running …..

  • just discovered that I have a code for this from buying the Java edition years ago if anyone wants it;
    JWG4R-T9H4F-K2RWP-KG2TF-3294Z if anyone wants it redeem it in windows store;
    Never really play Minecraft anymore and if do it would probably be modded Java like Technic pack or Sky Factory etc.

  • ew bedrock lol