expired Fantasy Music Bundle 2 on Groupees - US $2 (~AU $2.85) Minimum


A new music bundle has started on Groupees with a fantasy music theme. Featuring artists like Derek & Brandon Fiechter, Tartalo Music, Celestial Aeon Project and Dwarrowdelf with 20% of your payment being donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $2 minimum you get:

Dwarrowdelf - From Beneath The Fells (album)
ASKII - Tie (EP)
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Magical Creatures (album)
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - World of Wonders (album)
Saturnales - Darenier Hyver (album)
Tartalo Music - Jentilen Lurraldea (single)

For $4 minimum you also get:

Markus Junnikkala - Fable (album)
Tartalo Music - Legend (album)
Celestial Aeon Project - The Journey Begins (album)
Saturnales - Foresgue (album)
ASKII - Natura (album)

The first bonus has been unlocked once sales pass $2,000 you will also get:

Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Minstrel's Tales (album)

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