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LEGO Millennium Falcon UCS (75192) $875.20 Delivered @ Hobby Warehouse eBay


Been keeping an eye out for this LEGO Star Wars millennium falcon UCS set, and with the eBay PLUTO 20% off, it brings it down to $875.20 delivered. RRP is $1299 and best current price I could find is at the Hobby Warehouse online store for $1085.

I used eBay gift cards to reduce further.

Best previous price was this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/440459

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Betrayal at cloud city is also just $365.76 from same seller with code PLUTO

  • Been on sale at that price for 5 days 1 sold shows the excitement. Needs to hit a new low below $800 to maybe clear some .

    • No it hasn’t been on sale for the entire period, as it’s just come back into stock tonight - the one purchased was me just before

        • You do realise that stores buy them in bulk and sell them way over the price of what they buy it for, 100- 150& markup. Ie. Myer no doubt would also get a discount for bulk buying and promotions. Your argument for cost of freight and logistics doesn't make sense.

          • @Melb88: And seafreight is a joke (cheap), when done professionally/commercially. Air freight a 100kg skid routinely, then cry with me 😁

    • The Volkswagen set 10220 has been in production since 2011 and Parisian Restaurant set 10243 since 2014. That's just 2 sets I can think of off the top of my head with way longer than 2 year production runs.

      • Those are the few exceptions to the rule and they're not apples-to-apples comparisons anyway, since they're different lines with different markets. The UCS Falcons were largely AFOL-targeted products. Repost from an old post I linked above:

        The original 2007 UCS Millennium Falcon was released in July, 2007 and production ended on October 30th, 2009. That's a little over 2 years in total, and that set was a lot more unprecedented/hyped in Lego history. According to Camel, it was discounted by a maximum of 30% off RRP by the end of 2008 (in USD pricing; I assume Australia would have followed a similar trend for local stock but back then Lego's regional pricing differed even more substantially, so we may have never seen local stock selling for 30% off RRP).

        75192's RRP in Australia was $1,300 and the historical low as of now was $831.97 delivered in February 2019 (and that deal had fairly limited stock). That's 36% off RRP, which is historically is the maximum discount sets of this size ever receive.

        The 75159 Deathstar's (4,000 pieces) price history hit a historical low of 37% off RRP and that set has been in production since September 2016 now (which is really a major anomaly amongst any Lego lines).

        I think unless you're willing to scour Gumtree and eBay later on for fast-disappearing stocks of 75192, now is as good a time as any to get this monstrosity for what is a really good price by any measure, before it becomes exceedingly difficult.

  • The UCS Millennium Falcon will most likely be retired soon in time for the new UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    • Just got the old version recently for a great price - but I'm ready for a new version as well. Love the ISD but it'll be expensive - about $1,199 AUD.

      • Just got the old version recently for a great price

        Really? Sealed-in-box or just the parts? Care to share the ballpark figure?

        I've never seen any AFOLs use the words "great price" and "Lego UCS ISD" in the same sentence.

        Love the ISD but it'll be expensive - about $1,199 AUD

        Yeah the price-per-piece obviously won't be anywhere near as good as the Falcon at the end of its lifespan or even something like the Bucket Wheel Excavator or Rough Terrain Crane but at least it's going to be a modern construction with modern pieces (and hopefully nicer details); as nice as the old ISD was to look at, damn was it built weirdly and flimsy.

        • Used $428 shipped with box / manuals / sticker. Missing about 30 pieces but nothing rare just common pieces should be about $25 on bricklink with shipping

          • @cyrax83: Cheap. I bought it maybe 5 years ago for $600ish no box, sold for $1200ish last year. The lego master builder staff actually found my ebay listing and asked if I wanted to go on the show. I'm not a master builder so I ignored them.

            It's a terrible set TBH. Barely hangs together as the magnets aren't good enough. I strengthened mine with some rare earth magnets and it was still iffy. It's also dull to build due to severe repetition (and much of the design is a series of plates).

            For the price you paid it's worth it but I wouldn't recommend anyone pay too much for it.

  • Been looking/fighting with wife/trying to find enough space/saving money for it for too long, and it’s time to pull the trigger now

    • Just buy it. She'll get over it and then you'll have the holy grail set for life :D

    • At least you'll get a spaceship to save yourself once the war starts.

    • Been looking/fighting with wife/trying to find enough space/saving money for it for too long, and it’s time to pull the trigger now

      There's a double meaning in that.

      • Hmmm, dangerous thoughts. In fact I ended with something else almost same value for my wife and got the approval…..

    • Remember that the Falcon is basically a giant slab of grey.

      For pure fandom joy, go ahead. For coordinating with other things in the house, maybe not.

    • My wife and I each have "beer money" accounts… For stuff like this. $50/week (was $100 before kids) gets pushed across. Buy what we want, no judgement.

  • Surprising me how many have sold . 1 at a time different people . 8 ( probably will load another 12 if they sell )left but still think plenty held for starter by Myer so should get cheaper . About $9 more each now using current promotion and SB 15% for 2.

  • Are we buying these to make or hold onto. There are that many of them it seems that holding on to them to make it worth it would take a long time to recoup. I still think it is well overpriced and $400 - $500 is the realistic price. IMO. There's heeps on Ebay for over a $1k. But who really is going to fork out that much for a set. The price point for these to save and sell later doesn't make sense. How many ppl do you know would for out over $1k for a set? Not many.

    • I’d say definitely not investors ( would have seen multiple purchases from same user name), more likely toys to build for big boys :)

  • None left. I had the last in the cart but some other prick beat me to it.

    • I wouldn't advise getting 2 of them but the option there as I mentioned above for $9 more each from Myer's . Maybe team up with a buddy . I'd bet a house they don't run out of stock :)

    • Take it as a good thing. You saved $875 and time.