Parcel Point Lost My Parcel (eBay Purchase)

Straight to the issue: made an eBay purchase, got notification that item is ready to pickup at my designated parcel point. went to the parcel point 3 hours later to pickup only to find out the parcel is not there. Apparently there was a mix up and my parcel got picked up by another courier who was handling returns from that parcel point just before I got there.

Things I have done:

  1. Parcel point people got an earful
  2. Notified ebay seller about the issue (although don't think it would help as I didn't choose insurance)
  3. Got the courier detail from PPP (parcel point people) and contacted them and explained the issue. They said they are investigating and I can follow up next week.
  4. Left my number with PPP in case the driver comes back with parcel.

Anything else I'm missing? What are the chances of never finding it? If so can I hold PPP responsible cause this is their fault in the first place?

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    I thought it was the sellers responsibility to make sure it arrived. Can't you just do a PayPal dispute and say you haven't received it?

  • Yes its really unfortunate for the seller, as a seller myself I hate it when things happen like this but he should also be following it up, but you are entitled to a refund likely.

  • Sellers problem, not yours. Ebay will find in your favour. Source: a poor seller.

    • It will be marked as delivered and closed

      Ebay will not find in your favour

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        there's evidence in the system that OP never picked it up

        • Ebay did me over with an item that went to the pick up point but I didn't pick up because they didn't tell me it was there despite having my home address, email and mobile numbers.

          Ebay said tough luck. Paypal refunded me

  • OP, what does the online tracking show?

    • Online tracking says it’s delivered (to parcel point obviously not me)

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    For the people above that puts blame on the seller, how exactly is this the seller's fault?

    The address for delivery for the buyer was the Parcel Point, which the seller has done, and had posted.

    It was delivered there as per requested by the buyer, the package was there and it was ParcelPoint that gave another courier OPs package while picking up up something else, surely this is an error with ParcelPoint and not the seller/OP??

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      It's not a question of whose fault it actually is. It's just that paypal/ebay will say that it's the seller's fault.

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        I doubt that would be the case, it's sent and received by the address that OP had requested it to be sent to. It has been delivered to where it was requested to, of course it would had not been OP that signed for it because it was requested to be sent to a Parcel Point location. The transaction was already done correctly when Parcel Point had signed for it, it was Parcel Point from there that had given OPs package to someone else (another courier), so the problem now (in my opinion) lays between the OP and Parcel Point?

        • In another perspective, if it was on request and bought to be sent from a seller to a freight forwarder, and the freight forwarder had received it but forwarded/sent it to an incorrect address, and/or lost it, then again that too would be an issue between the buyer and the freight forwarder, not the original seller?

          • @MistaL: It's different to a freight forwarder. Using the Parcel Point service is akin to using a Auspost parcel locker. The seller is responsible (at least in terms of dealing with Auspost but also refund if it can't be found) if Auspost losses the parcel at any point up to it being collected by the buyer.

      • Ebay/PayPal may rely on the online tracking before making a decision.

    • Its not the sellers fault and its not right but either is a package that goes missing or is delayed, as a buyer if you spend hundreds on an item and that's your only hope in getting the money back, you turn to ebay and they will likely side with the buyer. Its not right, but the seller will probably also be covered if its tracked.

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    Have you called parcel point ?

    Contacted eBay customer service ?

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    I had a similar experience with a couple of eBay C/C orders that went astray in-store - Aus Post tracking confirmed that it was delivered however no eBay notification received to confirm collection + code.

    The first time it happened I contacted the seller as per eBay protocol however they advised it wasn't their problem considering the item was showing as delivered. I then spent way too much time liaising with the store & Aus Post trying to locate the missing order before escalating to eBay who processed a refund after a couple of days.

    The second time it happened, I referred it to eBay immediately and that time they were able to locate the missing order.

    Definitely contact eBay and they will investigate and get back to you

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    I'm sorry but if the tracking shows Delivered, Ebay will not side with you - they will side with the seller. Not fair but it's just how they operate.

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      Parcel Point is part of the click and collect service offered by eBay. eBay should know that it's never been picked up

      • Unfortunately I don't think it's that simple. He stated below that the tracking shows delivered:

        Online tracking says it’s delivered (to parcel point obviously not me)

        • Online tracking means nothing for parcel point, it is a click and collect service.

  • I think you will eventually get a refund. If the return guy picked it up, presumably it will get back to the seller some time. Plus the pickup point has confirmed you didn't collect it.

    Try actually ringing up ebay - this (eventually) worked for me in a similar situation recently.

    My story - item delivered to parcel point collection place within about 2 days of order, but never got the 'go and collect it' email which you are supposed to wait for. Contacted seller, a while later they came back and said talk to ebay. Email ebay, they send me the go and collect email within an hour. Couldn't get there for about a week due to work, and when I get there the system says it should be there but he can't find it. Called ebay, they investigate, confirm it is missing, and about another week later I get a refund.

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