Dehumidifier Recommendations Suggestions

hi guys looking for recommendations for dehumidifier for a standard sized master bedroom. Lately during winter we get home and everthing feels a little damp.


  • We bought from these guys about 6 years ago, great service and the unit is still going strong.…

  • My advice is to buy one with a forward blowing fan, I have 2 of these… and whilst good they would be better if they pushed the air forward rather than up to the ceiling.

  • I'd have to warn against delonghi in general, we have had 2 bigger older ones, one rotary dial the other electronic, and also three smaller newer ones. Only the original large rotary dial (manual control) still works. They just don't seem to last much beyond warranty period.

  • +1

    Bought nwt large humidifier. Found a good price on amazon. $468
    thanks guys!

    • You said you wanted a dehumidifier…..

      • Haha yes its a dehumidifier sorry. Typing and watching stranger things

  • I bought myself an Ionmax ION610 a couple of years ago and I've been reasonably pleased with it. In my place, the effect on humidity doesn't last more than a couple of hours as the humidity level slowly returns back to normal. I find it most useful for drying clothes indoors and removing humidity from the bathroom. It also adds a bit of warmth to a room.

    I got mine from Dehumidifiers Online who specialise in this type of product and have some useful info on their home page. Kogan also sells some dehumidifiers although I'm guessing their service would be worse.

    The first thing I recommend is figuring out which type of unit one wants (dessicant or compressor) and then decide on the size/power/noise of the unit. Have a quick read of this guide.

    • Was that just an ad for dessicant?

  • How long do yo usually run your dehumidifier for? Is it suitable to run 24/7?

    Ive been finding mold growing in various parts if the room, due to humidity I'm guessing. Hopefully a dehumidifier will solve that problem.

    • We're planning on only running it maybe half a day. Will try it out today just got my unit delivered from Amazon

      • How has it been? Can you send the link here?

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