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Toolpro Neon/Kryptonite 42" Tool Chests Clearance 50% off - $764.10 for Top and Bottom C&C @ Supercheap Auto eBay


I've been watching these for ages in the hope that they go down to their all time low of ~$538 that I missed out on but I haven't seen them go anywhere near that in a long time.

Top only - $349.5 - 10% = $314.55

Bottom only - $499.5 - 10% = $449.55

This has been the next best since they usually only ever go 50% off (regularly) but stacked with the current eBay 10% off code, it brings the combo down to $764.10. I've set the end date as the 9th which is when the eBay coupon expires, the 50% off SCA promo runs through to the 14th though so you may be lucky if there is a follow up ebay code thereafter.

I'm still yet to buy as I have a home for most of my tools but I've definitely been waiting to pull the trigger for a long time. I've oohed and ahhed over them at SCA a few times and definitely believe they're better built than their ToolPro Edge range which felt flimsy and unstable. At half price they're a great buy, at full price you'd say they are a bit inflated compared to what else would be on the market in this range. Financially, I just can't part with the money at the moment so hopefully it's a good deal for others.

Happy buying, hopefully this will be of some help to the OzBargain family. 👍

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    Have this kit in my garage. No complaints. Recommend paying delivery as they really require a tailgate truck to transport IMO.


      Did you consider anything else at the time? I'm really considering stretching the budget a little and just sucking up the price difference from its lowest ever. I think if it hadn't been that cheap before I probably would have just bought it by now because everything else I've looked at is either double the price (and no better) or similar price but made of rubbish.

      My fence sitting is whether or not they'll go cheaper and/or go out of stock because they've meant to be discontinued for a long time!


        Gumtree snapon? About one a year comes up at $1000 in my area


        There’s certainly fancier stuff even at Bunnings - but it’s great value and by no means poor quality. The other brands are good if you are going down their path of tools and want precise trays, but I already had a random assortment of tools so made little difference to me.


          I'm in the same boat. I've never been a fan-boy of the same tools across the board so not too phased there. I feel the equivalent bunnings stuff just isn't on par but I'll be having a proper look tomorrow at total tools, bunnings, etc and make a decision from there. If I feel there isn't any better quality to be had, I'll just bite the bullet as I can't see these going much cheaper anytime soon.

          Justtoreply - I've been looking passively but people are asking pretty silly money even for 2nd hand gear so not really worth it unfortunately.





    I purchased the "Homak" branded toolbox from repco, I think it was $599 or $699 when I got it. The quality is fantastic!

    Much better then the toolpro ones.

    If you go to total tools it's similar quality to the higher end stuff in there

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