Dashcam Advice for Toyota Kluger (2018)

Hi guys,

Looking for advice for a dashcam for Toyota Kluger. What dashcams have you installed or which ones would you recommend?

Easy to install by ourselves or have to get them installed professionally?

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    Dashcams are designed to fit any car. There has been multiple threads about dashcams, many suggest VIOFO A119V2 or Blackvue if you can afford it.

    I would suggest getting it installed professionally if you want parking mode.


      I’ll second the Viofo A119 range. I recently upgraded my cameras from the YiCam to Viofo and they are a great unit. Very low profile. Easy to set up. Lots of features. And the footage is clear.

      We have Blackview cameras in all of our work vehicles and I have been very unimpressed with their quality when you compare the price to the Viofo. I certainly wouldn’t buy the Blackview unless is was much much cheaper. The wifi connectivity is about the only thing I miss from the Viofo cameras.


    They're all easy to self install if you have some basic skills and tools.

    I've had several cameras over several years and highly recommend getting one of the 4K cameras and one that's front and rear. The HD ones are hit and miss as to whether you'll be able to read a licence plate or not when in motion and really, if you can't read a plate when you need to (eg hit and run) then it largely defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.


      Nah even a basic dashcam is better than nothing for those - "you say, they say" moments. I had a girl claim I reversed into her at a car park when I was perfectly at a stand still.


        Yeah that's fine for those situations but what happens when someone hits you and takes off and you need to rely on the footage to ID them? You may get lucky and get a clear frame or you may have a frame where you think you can make it out but that's not proof. I'd rather have one where I'm almost guaranteed I can make the ID.

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    Still a fan of the original, Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam. Is sleek and survived at least 2 perth summers. Costs <$50

    Mount it up high behind the mirror so the driver cant see it. You just tuck the wire into the headboard and bring it around slowly, into the seal etc, then plug into the cig lighter.

    It's a 10 min job.

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    I have a Viofo in my Kluger. Good cam for the $. I installed it like Davo1111 mentioned above so there are no exposed wires. Best to have the unit "hard wired" as cig plugs can be bumped and loose contact, also have exposed wires when doing that. To hard wire you need to buy a fuse double adapter. Best to use a power source that is only active when the ignition is on, not ACC.
    Plenty of how to's on the net especially on youtube.


    Looking for a dash cam that includes installation without breaking the warranty! Would it be best to put in a powerbank?


    Xiaomi 70. Mai for me 10 minutes to install and great. Value for 50 bucks


    I bought thinkware F800 Pro front and back on one of the ebay 20% off promo codes. I then advertised the install job on Airtasker and a licenced auto electrician and Thinkware rep came out to my place and installed cameras into both my wifes and my cars for $180 for both. Did a great job. He also sold cameras directly and if I knew him before I might have just bought the camera installed off him directly.