Visa point increase upon reaching 3Y Australia experience

I am planning to apply for Australia PR visa subclass 189. I will apply to ACD (Australian Computer Society) for my skill verification.

Now, my current Australia work experience is 2.5 years and is going to be 3 years in December this year. I was wondering whether I should wait until December to get the extra points for 3 years of Australia experience.

Also, curious to know whether I can enhance the EOI point upon reaching 3Y Australia experience in December. If I get the ACS skill score now, do I need to re-evaluate from ACS in December?


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    I went though this process 2 years ago and was accessed by ACS.

    Assuming you have the minimum points now. You can get assessed now with 2.5 years experience and submit an EOI. In December, if you want the 3 extra points you would need the be reassessed by ACS (and pay again) then update your EOI.

    If paying for a second assessment is not an issue for you then apply now. However from my experience the 3 extra point may well save you more time. When I applied I had 5 more points that a friend applying under the same skill. I received an EOI in 2 weeks (the next round). He had to wait almost a year before getting one.

    The more points you have the quicker you will get invited.

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