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70% off: Organic Bamboo Sheet Set (White, Queen) $59 Shipped @ Rollova Australia


Limited to first 30 orders.

Rollova Organic Bamboo Sheets
Rollova sheets are some of the softest sheets you will ever sleep in!

We spend 30% of our lives in bed - so make sure that you spend that time sleeping in the best.

Our sheets are luxuriously smooth and silky, made from organic Bamboo Fabric, we think that you will never want anything else on your bed.

Breathable and super comfy
Thermal regulating - warm in winter and cool in summer
Naturally antibacterial properties
Made from organic, renewable resources
Perfect for sensitive skin
Each set is made to the highest quality standards. A 375 thread count delivers the perfect balance between durability and comfort which means you will enjoy your Rollova Sheets for many years to come.

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Rollova Australia
Rollova Australia

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  • Is the bottom sheet fitted?

    (edit, I see that they are. Thanks OP, ordered 1 set. )

  • Ordered some mate..Just to check the quality first..It's a pity there's no deal for the King bed sheet set otherwise would have ordered a few of that as well..Might order more later..

    • +2 votes

      Hi there, happy to offer an additional 25% off the King set - use code KINGVIP25 (Limited to 10 orders MAX)

      • 101.25 AUD for king vs 59 AUD for queen, and no super king .
        aw maaaaahn

      • $100 for the King size..Like a true Ozbargainer I'll wait for your next warehouse clearance mate..Nyws just saw that the Queen size ones are Sold out..Goes on to show if you are responsive seller who's selling a good, genuine product for a great price then Ozb is an amazing free of cost marketing medium like no other..

  • +2 votes

    That's a ridiculously low price. Two questions though - who certified these as organic and are they Oeko-Tex certified?

  • Dang wish I could get some in a Double


      Hi there, happy to offer an additional 25% off the Double set - use code DOUBLEVIP25 (Limited to 10 orders MAX)

  • Hi OP, just wondering what percentage bamboo these are? As that seems to be the catch with a lot of the bamboo sheet sets I've seen.
    Some are 90% bamboo, others are only 50%.

    • +1 vote

      100% Bamboo fabric

      • Well that sold me. Just bought myself a pair to try out Bamboo sheets.

        One recommendation would be to add Paypal as a payment method (although I do understand the fee structure for that can be quite prohibitive, I personally find it comforting to use on sites I've never come across before).

  • Looks good - thought I'd give it a try. Ordered one, thanks OP!

  • Grabbed a set. Interestingly after I finished I was curious how many were left - I was able to add as many as I want to my cart so I'm hoping this doesn't get over-sold.

    • +2 votes

      With so much demand we decided to release more for sale - just checked and 30 units (13h35) left!

      • Welcome to OzBargain :) You'll quickly realise this place is a funnel for excess stock when priced suitably.

  • Ahhh so sad, no king single :(

  • Thanks OP, got a queen set as well. Awesome price for 59.99. Hope the quality is good.


      5* Quality, please let us know what you think & post a review - would be greatly appreciated!

  • One more happy panda here

  • I'll give ya a go.. bought one. Thanks

  • Damn, sold out notice half way through checking out.


      For Queen use code QUEENVIP25 (10 orders only)
      For King use code KINGVIP25 (10 orders only)
      For DOUBLE use code DOUBLEVIP25 (10 orders only)

  • Damn sold out as I was confirming payment :(


      For Queen use code QUEENVIP25 (10 orders only)
      For King use code KINGVIP25 (10 orders only)
      For DOUBLE use code DOUBLEVIP25 (10 orders only)

  • damn :( its all gone


      For Queen use code QUEENVIP25 (10 orders only)
      For King use code KINGVIP25 (10 orders only)
      For DOUBLE use code DOUBLEVIP25 (10 orders only)

  • Sold out, we need 10 more please rep

  • sold out
    i think i managed to just get in

  • all gone :(


      For Queen use code QUEENVIP25 (10 orders only)
      For King use code KINGVIP25 (10 orders only)
      For DOUBLE use code DOUBLEVIP25 (10 orders only)

  • Any chance a discount on King too OP?

    • +1 vote

      Hi there, happy to offer an additional 25% off the King set - use code KINGVIP25 (Limited to 10 orders MAX)

  • Sold out by the looks


    So sorry guys! all the stock for this deal is gone.

    Thank you for your support! We release twice the amount of stock due to demand!

  • Love bamboo sheets, but one thing to be aware of is that (I believe) you can't use a dryer. Those in units etc without a washing line might have challenges on this basis.

    Happy to be corrected if wrong….

  • +1 vote

    For anyone who missed the DEAL, please use QUEENVIP25 for 25% off standard pricing (Maximum 10 units)

  • how do these compare to Muji jersey cotton sheets?

  • Drat. Was just about to order a couple!

  • Wow - someone has already posted this on eBay

  • Hey, great looking deal and welcome to OzBargain.

    In the future please list the original price in store and the prices before and after discount for the other items (the remaining 25% off deals for the king queen and double). This is part of deal posting guidelines and helps people compare deals such as these to future deals.

    Also as a note: as the post stands its bordering on bait advertising, as you're swapping out one deal with very limited quantity for a less lucrative one:
    Bait advertising
    Bait advertising takes place when an advertisement promotes certain (usually ‘sale’) prices on products that are not available or available only in very limited quantities. It is not misleading if the business is upfront in a highly visible, clear and specific manner about the particular product ‘on sale’ being in short supply or on sale for a limited time.

    I know that's not the intent, and it was great for you to offer a limited number of discount codes to people but without any prices it does read a little bit like you're trying to sneak it in.

    • The 25% off doesn't look that great compared to other competitors.

    • They doubled the stock that they had allocated towards the deal, clearly this was a very popular deal, the deal is marked as expired, and they created a bunch of discounts for those who missed out.
      Very clearly not a bait and switch situation. No pleasing some, christ.

      • Yeah I missed out but great deal! Thanks for sharing

        I actually don't even know what size bed I have haha

      • I think you got the wrong end of the stick on this.

        'No pleasing some'? I am clearly pleased, I said great looking deal. I didn't neg the deal or chuck a tiff. It looks like it was good value post with the right intent, and as you said it looks like it was a popular deal. OP went above and beyond doubling stock to 60 units.

        I asked if some changes could be made in the future because I hope they post more deals in the future. And if they do, suggestions were made on how to make a post of a good deal to a good post of a good deal.

        Lastly, if you look REAAAAAALLLY close, you'll see the post was edited just about the same time as I made mine - nothing nefarious in the change but the coupons were front and center before. As I also said - I know the intent was to do the right thing and give people who missed out.

        P.S. - for those playing at home - OP did do the right thing and marked the deal expired when the main deal was done. I don't know if you can very clearly tell that when you post ~38 mins after I made a post, but its something to keep in mind.

        • +1 vote

          Thanks! Really appreciate the feedback and support. The actual units we ended up releasing were 107… :-) Will definitely re-post when our new shipment lands and have more available for OzBargainers! :-)

    • +1 vote

      Apologies, first time using OzBargain. To be honest we had not anticipated 1. the demand 2. the requests for other sizes. We had some aggressive discounts already in place across the store and the 25% was literally setup mid-OzBargain to give everyone an extra discount for items not included in the stock clearance.

      Will ensure that we update with more accuracy moving forward.


  • Damn, missed it, be interested to compare with Kogan:

    • Hard to tell hey? The kogan once are 1000TC which is going to feel quite different, but doesn't say what percentage they are bamboo, or if they are organic (just says "100% natural" which doesn't mean anything).


        Ours are 100% bamboo fabric. The difference in feel & texture changes as you blend with other fabrics. We like the 100% bamboo as it gives the silkiest feel.

  • Only white colour?

  • Damn that didn't last long :(

  • Any more OP?

  • Great price & deal. Thank you!

    Looking forward to trying them out.


      Pleasure! Hope you enjoy them! We would love some feedback on what you think, please post a review on the site for us? That would be greatly appreciated.

  • Damn missed this. Definitely keen on a QB deal

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