Busted Tyre after ~3600K's with a Kia Cerato Sedan

I have a new-ish Kia Cerato Sedan which I bought new last October, While driving home tonight one of the rear tyres went flat and I had to switch it over for the tiny replacement tyre.

The Tyre appears to have burst on the inside (the side facing into the car) for no apparent reason.

Am I entitled to any replacement under warranty? The Kia 7 Years warranty apparently does not cover tyres (of course it doesn't) My searching is not coming up with much and it seems a bit ridiculous for a tyre to fail after not even a year on the road.

I'm wondering if I need to go through the manufacturer, but if I have to buy a brand new tyre so be it.

Thanks guys.

Edit: pics of damage

Mystery solved, upon further investigation in proper lighting I found a nail in the tread of the tyre which punctured all the way through to the side and must have teared open this hole.

Thanks for everyone's assistance, I'll be taking it in to the shop tomorrow.

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  • Depends what the failure is. If you can show it’s a manufacturing defect you should be able to get it replaced. More likely that he tyre impacted something and was damaged, which means no warranty.

  • will need to see photos of tyre damage for more info. Check for nails too.

    • I put up some photos.

      Found a nail, you were right :D

  • Did you or your partner run over something? You could take it to a tyre place and see what they think to get another opinion. You seem to be an expert on tyres all of a sudden. If that is the case then take it back to dealer and complain.

    • I'm anything but an expert on tyres :) I will likely be taking it to a tyre place, Thanks.

      • I'm just asking whether you went over a hard bump or pot hole recently. Doesn't take much to wreak tyres. By the way the standard tyres are probably cheap ones, so may not be as good. I fork out at least $400 a corner for mine, so even if have to replace it yourself the next time maybe get better ones.

        • It's possible I went over a pothole recently, but even then I would hope new car tyres to last a bit longer than this, don't doubt they are the cheapest possible haha.

          • @LucasS: Has nothing to do with the price, if you crush a piece of rubber between a wheel and a sharp bit of bitumen, you will puncture the sidewall, as has happened in your picture. If you also had a nail in your tyre, it's possible the pressure was also low, which makes sidewall damage much more likely.

  • +1

    Looks like the sidewall was damaged.
    Did you bump against any curbs recently?

    • This, looks like something ran along the sidewall.

    • Not recently, also this is on the car facing side of the tyre so I doubt it would have impacted anything, but I suppose anything is possible.

      • It is still possible. When I back out of my driveway, sometimes my tyres goes off the side of the concrete and brick driveway and the bricks rub along the inside wall of the tyres.

  • Could have been due to the tyres being under-inflated. OP you might want to go check the pressures of the remaining tyres. If the the tyre manufacturer does replace it under warranty it will usually be at a pro rata rate.

  • No expert about tyres but where do you park? Looks like you've been on a nature strip and ran the outside tyres inner edge along the gutter.

  • hopefully the damage is not too close to the edge of the tyre and can be patched.

    Did the same thing on our car, screw was right in the corner of the tread/sidewall junction so had to be replaced rather than repaired. Less than 10,000km at the time.

    • +4

      No sidewall damage can be fixed. Straight in the bin for that tyre.

  • That's road hazard damage you won't get shit claiming for warranty, if you do please share strategy.
    Sidewalls are the weakest part of the tyre. Good luck mate, you're up for a new tyre at your cost.

  • 3.6 million km? Good lord, no wonder it gave out.., or was it 3600 degrees Kelvin? Running a bit hot, not surprised…

    • It is literally 3.6 million meters, inferring K's means kilometers.

  • FFS

  • Just saw your second edit, that's unlucky. I know the feels. Once replaced 4 new 235/40/r18 S001, $300 a corner. 2 days later, copped a screw in the thread that damaged the sidewall of one, I was so pissed off.

  • Kudos for knowing how to change a tyre…

  • I know you found the culprit but for future reference the tyres would be covered for manufacturing or materials defects by the tyre manufacturer on a pro-rata basis. Source: many years selling tyres for Goodyear