2016 Toyota Corolla Not Starting - Fuel Injector?

Hi Guys

Have a Toyota Corolla 2016 sedan that didn't start this morning. B/G to this is that it's near its 3 year warranty (1 month left) and I hadn't driven it for 2 days straight and parked at a slight angle up in garage. Turned on the ignition this morning, it starts up then turns off, the engine oil and battery lights keep on. I shake the back of the car and then try it few times, once turns on for 1 sec then turns back off. After about 5 goes it then finally turned on completely.

Some plastic smoke smell came from the right side of the engine bay but that disappeared after i left the car running. I think it is the fuel line/injector maybe the car was running for 2 days and the fuel lines clogged up in the cold or something? (but it only got down to 10 degrees)

Wondering what your thoughts were?

And should i take it to the Toyota dealer to explain what happened (I video one of the startups as well)? Will they likely do anything given it is working? Is it better to notify them so if the same problem comes up after the warranty etc?


Forgot to add that this is a fleet car (was used by Thrifty for 6 months in i think its 1st year)- is that going to affect the warranty?


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    Sounds more like a dodgy fuel pump.


      yep sorry i meant that. thanks


        Could try replacing the relay for it first (cause it's cheap and could be related to the smell), otherwise you'll probably just have to take a stab and get a new pump (they're very temperamental and can work perfect when pressure tested, then not run at all the next time you try to start).


      If the car runs fine after the 5th attempt with no further issues once running, I would say it’s unlikely to be the fuel pump. I had a similar sounding issue and it turned out that the throttle body needed cleaning. It was all gummed up and getting stuck closed when cold, but was fine once the engine was warm. As soon as it was cleaned the problem completely disappeared.


        I too had this issue in my Ford BA XR

        But it wouldn't not start, it would feel like it would stall when I was at lights (and its an automatic car)

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    I parked the car on a funny angle/slope overnight once and it did funny stuff trying to start it the next day also. Only happened the one time though. If yours was sitting o there for 2 days maybe some fluids got out of whack?

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    Take it to Toyota ASAP. They will try to get out of any warranty claim if they can. So the sooner the better.

    No idea about fleet and warranty. But make sure to point out that the car is still under warranty.

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    Take it to Toyota

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    Thanks, ended up taking it to toyota, they kept it overnight and it turned on fine early morning. They pretended to "check the fuel lines" but didnt- because the clock turned on meaning they didn't turn offthe battery and the final invoice had no mention of checkking the fuel lines.

    Anyway at least it's reported so if the warrantry runs out i still have something to stand on…

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