Best 55" 4K TV on a Budget?

Hey guys just trying to find some better opinions as I've been scouring around and found multiple differing ones and multiple different deals but kind of hoping to consolidate into the best deal I can.
Looking for a 55" 4k HDR, Smart or not, neither matters looking for hopefully below $1k but happy to go a bit above if it's for a significant detail and spec improvement.
Just hit me with your best opinions or deals so I can sort through and see what's best!
Thanks in Advance!


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    I bought a Kogan 55 4k hdr smart tv 2 months ago for $549 delivered. No problems at all, picture and sound are fine.I know i'll get my ears bashed by others on here for daring to mention the " K " word but that's their problem, not mine. I'm happy with the tv,that's why I can recommend it.

  • I’d say best value for money are the Hisense offerings, which can be <$700 at the right timing. I’ve got an LG, personally, and like the OS but many people aren’t a fan of IPS panels.

    On the topic of paying a little more than $1K, the Hisense OLED has been around 1100 previously, and would be a decent upgrade on any LED LCD.

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    Way happy with our Samsung UA55RU7100WXXY bought from JBHiFi via Ozb for $745 in January. (I have a trailer - so no delivery cost.)

    So if you can afford to wait a while for a good price to appear and act quickly when it does… I'm now interested in buying another of the same for a different room. As previous poster says "at the right timing". Not sure that tax return time of year is the best timing given media noise!

    Of course not sure if that will meet your subjective definition of "on a budget" but it did for me given it was a great price for a name brand with a reasonable name for warranty and reliability, and has a good image and feature set (apps & built-in wifi) - meaning nothing more to spend on it.

    I wanted to go with a name brand in the hope of it lasting me more than five years! - perhaps "vain hope"?

    Features it lacks are multi-receiver PinP and PVR - but presumably multi-receiver ups price from base models, and I'm not sure how many on-board PVR's are FreeView non-compliant meaning they can be used for adfree viewing.

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