[Price Error] Dell Networking Switch N1524 /Dell N2024 $5 + Delivery (Was $1116/$2095) @ iTech, Dell N2024 $1.39 @ Megabuy

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Update : 3 More Stores got it for cheap - Try your luck - Thanks to Verycheap

$28.55 + Free Delivery N2024 @ Amazon who missed it SOLD LOL :D

Seems like price error. Picked up from Pricehipster (Was $1116 ) & (Was $2095 ) :)

$5 (Was $1116) Dell Networking N1524 L2 24x1gbe 2x10gbe Sfp+ Fixed Port 210-aevx GONE

The N1500 switch series offers a power-efficient Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network-access switching solution with integrated 10GbE uplinks. The N1500 switch series has high-performance capabilities and wire-speed performance, utilizing a non-blocking architecture to handle unexpected traffic loads easily. These switches offer simple management and scalability via a 40Gbps (full-duplex) high-availability stacking architecture that allows management of up to four switches from a single IP address.

One more

$5 (Was $2095) Dell N2024 L2 24x 1gbe + 2x 10gbe Sfp+ Fixed Ports Stacking Io To Psu Airflow Ac 210-abnv GONE

Dell Networking N2000 is a series of energy-efficient and cost-effective 1GbE switches designed for modernizing and scaling network infrastructure. N2000 switches utilize a comprehensive enterprise-class Layer 2+ feature set,deliver consistent, simplified management and offer high-availability device and network design.


$1.39 @ megabuy [210-ABNV] Dell N2024 24-Port Layer 3 LITE Managed Switch, GbE(24), 10GbE SFP+(2), STACK, Life WTY SOLD - Thanks to thisisscotts

$1.52 @ megabuy [210-AEVX] Dell N1524 24-Port L3 LITE Managed Switch, GbE(24), 10GbE SFP+(4), STACK, Life WTY SOLD

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    • Lol.. nice.. 1 in stock :) Hurry
      Edit : OOS now

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    $23 delivery

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    Never used a dell switch.
    What's the cli like?

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      Lacks any sort of "reload in" or other commands that let you automatically reboot the switch if you stuff something in the config, other than that it's very similar to most corporate switch/router CLIs, though keep in mind that each manufacturer names certain things differently, so the exact same command won't work across Cisco/HP/Dell etc.

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    I don't want to but this but this seems to be a price error like the storage solution previously. Let's see what happens when we buy.

    • It was probably intentional to get more account signups and customer details on their system.

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    Chance of this being honoured? :O

    • +6

      0.00001% ………. or less.

      • +1

        Better chance than winning the lotto… thought I'd give it a try anyway… gotta be in it to win it! :D

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    Just don't buy the USB 2.0 nano adapter for $116,442!

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    Order went through OK for "Dell Networking N1524 L2 24x1gbe 2x10gbe Sfp+ Fixed Port 210-aevx"
    Let's see what happens.

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      Received order cancelled and refunded email

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    No PoE and postage kills it :-)

    • wtf …

    • Ignore

    • Flat rate shipping $30 though so OP's deal is better.

    • $30 shipping oof

    • That post broke their site

    • I bought this one. Chose Australia Post for delivery @ $10.

      Hasn't been cancelled… yet… but will … enjoying the ride though…

    • Isn't that a DisplayPort cable?

      Active DisplayPort Cable - DP to DP M/M

      • LOL :D Something messed up on this listing and I guess those who ordered from solutionsbybrandon on this listing will not get refund.
        Better to cancel the orders.

        • Interesting, order confirmation and email show "DELL PowerConnect N2024 Managed L3 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) Black 1U"

      • +1

        loL, yes it changed.

        But my invoice receipt says "DELL PowerConnect N2024 Managed L3 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) Black 1U"

        • Same here

        • -1

          The order got cancelled?!?!? WTF

          • @CC123: Now I want that 15 metre display cable, too. RRP is $150. What the actual fudge is happening.

            • @Ge3ks: Heh

              I wish I knew what was happening… https://imgur.com/oC3Eh8K showing as cancelled for me ;c

              • -1

                @Ge3ks: This website has a mind of its own.

                Was your order cancelled?

                Edit: TV FOR 99c!?!?!?


                • +2

                  @CC123: lol.. I think someone stole the TV and left the cable in hurry :D

                • @CC123: Not yet, but I didn't register. I just added to cart and checked out via Paypal Express Checkout. I got an invoice from Solutions by Brandon telling me I ordered the N2024 for $1.15 plus $10 shipping. I also got an email from Paypal saying I authorised a payment for $11.15. 'Your funds will be transferred when the merchant processes your payment.'

                  I suspect it will be cancelled tomorrow when they open for business.

            • @Ge3ks: Well, just noticed I ordered the DP cable. 12.3 for two 15m DP cables were not too bad. I'll see what would turn out. LOL

              • @cliffj: The strange thing is when you look at the picture and the specifications… it's still a 24 port network switch;


                Either way… still a deal. Haha.

                • @Ge3ks: Still no updates from them. Too many orders, still no processed yet?

                  • @cliffj: I discovered my order was cancelled when I clicked on the transaction ID on my Paypal invoice.

                    • @Ge3ks: Thanks for the hint. Same here. Seems they did not even bother to send out cancellation email.

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    Ordered. See what happens.

    • Well, what happened was I got refunded. Database error, Sheesh.

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    Some other great bargains… https://www.i-tech.com.au/netgear-a6150-ac1200-dual-band-usb...
    something is definitely busted with their pricing.

    • +2

      Awesome :)
      bought 2

      • Thanks mate… at least you did not buy all of them…. !! I was able to buy 6 of them.

      • I'm out.
        Freight Estimate: $14.00 is a killer

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    How does one pay? I chose paypal but no window came up and now it's just awaiting income , I know it's unlikely to be honoured though…

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    this is the worst site for price errors.
    even if you call up to confirm, they'll say yes, the price is correct.
    then they'll cancel.

    • +1

      Reminds me of the s9+ deal a couple of months back. Won't bother trying this time ..

    • -2

      Someone's salty they didn't get their order fulfilled.

      • I didn't order. Just went off the comments.

    • I wouldnt call up. Then they really would look at it. Just order and hope it gets sent before they notice.

  • shipping fee $19

  • +2

    Even more options: https://www.megabuy.com.au/dell-210-abnv-n2024-switch-p72593...

    I'm guessing it's some kind of automated push system.

    • +1

      Or the best blood hacking team of all times!

    • My megabuy order was canned :(

  • I think I ordered an N2024…

  • +4

    Anyone got a working discount code?

  • +1

    What's going on here… has Dell told everyone to clear their stock?

    • +1

      Possibly their disty has messed up their prices.
      They add % on top.

      • Yeah these online stores are basically nothing more than a website taking a distie data feed and adding margin. Both Ingram and Dicker have the right pricing now so it broke sometime yesterday I gather. Thats the risk of not curating your data feeds…

  • +1

    This is so fun

  • +1

    Thanks OP! I feel the same as a shark near blood… bought one of each just for the fun of it.

  • Price error or simply unreal :)

  • +4

    Ain't working for me no more. Cart gets emptied when I go to check out

  • +4

    After the Optus price error I can't go on this rollercoaster ride of emotions

    • What happened with the Optus pricing error?

      • +5

        Razer Phone for 1c and tens of thousands of orders. Sad part is so many were genuinely upset it wasn't honoured.

        • -1

          More hopeful that I might've gotten lucky that some would have been sent before the cancellation.
          It doesn't hurt to dream a little

          • @porsche804: If it was on Amazon we would have all been given $20 gift cards!

  • Links now dead, as are other sites with price errors on this product :(

  • -3

    bought 20.,, shipping was a rip off though went with courier just in case.
    why are these so expesnive though..just a bit of plastic with wires inside?? like a dvd player

    • +8

      Exactly like a DVD player

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought through MegaBuy. Paypal link working well… not expecting to receive the order, but fingers crossed

  • +1
    • i think to connect to the internet

    • +4

      don't worry about it.. you will get refund :D

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    Ingram Micro pricing error

  • Bought 2 from each website, see what will happen.

  • Bought 4 x N1524, shipping cost $35

  • +3

    I bought 10,000 of them. I’m going to get into the $1000 Switch reseller business.

  • +1


  • +1

    Quickest cancellation email ever :D

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your recent order with Skycomp !

    I am really sorry to say that there has been a system error resulting a genuine pricing error on this product on our website.

    Unfortunately, this order has now been cancelled and there is no payment taken from your account.

    Please accept my deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.


    Customer Service Team

    • hahaha.. that was fun

    • there goes my europe trip :(

  • Party is over now :)

  • Just purchased for $28 off Amazon AU

    • you got ripped off…i got 10 for $1.15 each

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