TNF Venture Parka

I want a 'The North Face' Venture Parka which is about $80 online from the US. Unfortunately, most sites refuse to send TNF products to Australia. I have found one seller on eBay which might get me the parka shipped for about $110.

I would like to support local shops, but when they are charging $250+ for a simple rain shell they can get stuffed.

If anyone knows local stores with sales/discount codes that I could use to get this parka, please let me know! I need good quality rainwear for work and this parka looks great. I want the parka model for the extra length, the jacket version is a little too short.

thanks in advance


  • Good luck - I don't think there is such as thing as cheap North Face anything in Australia. I bought all my North Face gear in the UK - the prices there were mega high too. $110 delivered for a RRP A$250 doesn't sound too bad to be honest. Beware there are North Face fakes on eBay too, don't even consider buying any North Face gear from Asia.

    I did see on the TV tonight that the Kathmandu sale starts soon - might be worth a look. I find their stuff and North Face pretty much on par in terms of quality - ie. overpriced for what you get LOL.

  • The only North Face outlet store in Australia is at Harbour Town Gold Coast. Plenty of heavily discounted stuff there.

  • Shame im in Sydney :(

  • why not try a proxy service like priceusa or shipito

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