At Fault Driver of Car Accident Has Blocked Phone Calls (Third Party Insurance Only/Other Driver No Insurance)

So, had a car accident 2 weekends ago where the other driver was at fault. While initially denying it was her fault, the lady eventually apologised and seemed to want to cooperate. She asked me for some quotes and I sent her a few. She messaged back saying she'll get some quotes too. This was the day after the accident. No reply since.

I have mailed her a Letter of Demand but it hasn't been delivered because she apparently wasn't at home. I can't call her as it seems she has blocked me (I called her with my wife's phone and she picked up without saying a word).

What are my next steps, guys?

Edit: She had NO insurance. I have only 3rd Party insurance.


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    Contact your insurance company.

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    If you have third-party insurance and the other driver doesn't, most insurance companies will repair your car for you up to an amount like $5,000.

    If you have the lady's name and number and rego then you don't really need to be in contact with her personally again. Give all the info to your insurance company.

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    Ah, here's today's obligatory accident-no-insurance post. Thanks OP for filling the void!

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    We really need one stickied topic for these scenarios where neither drive has full cover.

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      We already have the search function. What are the chances that the people who create these posts would even be able to find or read a sticky if they don't even know how to use a search?

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    This is exactly when bikies need to be consulted.


      Every morning I wake up and choose between bikies and Special K.

      I commend this choice to the forum.

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    Not at Fault Crash, Other Party Not in Contact?

    There are plenty more threads to check out.

    The people are real. The cases are real. The rulings are final. This is Judge Judy OzBargain.

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    If you have her address order a decent quantity of meth of the dark web, pay with bitcoin & have it sent to her address. Tip of federal police from a payphone


    You can fix her car with your 3rd party insurance.


    Some, not all insurers will contribute to your repair costs up to a set amount with a TPP policy. Read your policy and see what you have.
    If you have some not at fault coverage all you have to do is lodge a claim with your insurer and be able to identify the other driver.
    Basic TPP only covers damage to other vehicles, not yours.
    As you have proof that you tried to contact the person without success the next step would be to take them to court.
    You should have success if you have proof that she offered to get quotes for you. (a text msg?) That is an admission of guilt.

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    She had NO insurance. I have only 3rd Party insurance.

    Well thats a problem then…. How much had your quotes been?


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    I have a feeling she has full insurance but knowing you have 3rd party only. I hope you have some spare time.


    The damage to my car isn't huge. Quotes range between $900 and $1300…and that's why I'd rather she just pay up so I can avoid paying insurance $600 excess.


      As you have all her details (I'm sure you got her licence details and rego at the scene?) you won't have to pay an excess.


        Wait, I dont??

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          No, if you have the details of the person who hit you, you give them to the insurance company, they then fix your car, and chase the other party for damages.


            @brendanm: OP only has third party insurance though; depends if their policy has one of those will cover damage up to $5000 if other party isn't insured things (I have comprehensive, so not sure what it's actually called, but have seen it mentioned here before)

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