QLD Used car statutory warranty?

Hi guys,

Recently I purchased a used car from a used car dealer which has >160,000kms.

I took it for a service at the official dealership yesterday and they told me the rear brake pads were worn (less than 2mm left) and needs to be replaced. They told me I could go back to the dealer where I purchased the car from to get them to replace it as I am covered under the 1 month/1000km statuary warranty.

I did some research online and found that there is indeed a 1 month statutory warranty for used cars >10years/160,000kms (https://www.sbs.com.au/news/queensland-cracks-down-on-dodgy-...) but this is not shown on the QLD government's website which has not been updated for almost 2 years.

Do you guys reckon I could get the dealer to replace the brake pads and what is the best way to get them to do it?



    The laws also reinstate statutory warranties for older second-hand cars, which means dealers must provide warranties for vehicles which have done more than 160,000 kilometres or are over ten years old.

    Well that doesn't really say anything. You need a link from a government agency, not a journalist. There's no mention of 1 month on that article.

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    InB4: Wear item, not covered by warranty…


      A statutory warranty does not cover defects in:

      tyres or tyre tubes, batteries, fitted airbags or radiator hoseslights (other than a warning light or a turn indicator light used as a hazard light)installed radio, tape recorder or CD playeraerial, spark plug, wiper rubber, distributor point, oil or oil filter, heater hose, fuel or air filter, paintwork or upholstery.


      I could be wrong too, that's why I'm asking here. Doesn't help that the QLD government's website isn't updated.

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      I have a feeling that Pegaxs may be correct.

      Unless the Brake Pads are actually defective, they are considered as consumables, designed to wear out and be replaced under regular servicing.

      If they passed inspection at sale, then I have a feeling you may be out of luck.

      But who knows, why not go back and say that on the advice of your service dealer you are requesting the replacement of the brake pads.

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      This. Much better avenue would be asking how it got a rwc with brakes that low (if they are that low). Person who did the rwc will jump at the chance to replace the brakes for free rather than having you complain to Queensland transport.


        I realised the RWC was dated 25 March 2019, I purchased the car on 2 July 2019. As RWCs have a validity of 3 months, it seems like the RWC is no longer valid? If so, how did the dealer manage to transfer the car?


          No idea, ask the dealer for the rwc? The guy who did the rwc probably just did a rewrite of the original. If you put your rego into the Qld rego check site, it may show the rwc date and number down the bottom.

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