Looking at Buying a Hyundai iLoad, Needing Info

Hi I'm looking for information about the Hyundai iLoad 2014 2.5 diesel with 239…km on the clock auto has been regular service since new one owner just wanting to know if I could get information about what they are like,and what to look for.


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    Typically comes with 4 wheels, a steering wheel and a few pedals that allow control over the vehicle

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    Has google stopped working?


    Make sure you get a dpf regen done on the regular.
    Known to have serious dpf issues when ignored and costly to fix if the dpf (profanity) up.

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    Call a mechanic, ask them to do an inspection.

    Hyundai iLoad 2014 2.5 diesel with 239…km

    Is it 23900 Kms or 239,000? if it is the latter, that is quite a lot and it would be worth googling to find out what can go wrong and if anything needs doing.

    As with all used car purchases, a PPSR check for $2 to make sure it isn't written off or has finance owing is well worth it.


    There’s 2 facwbook groups for iload you should join for a lot of info

    Particularly look at the posts about injector seals and checking the sump oil pickup