[Solved] Android: Is There an App That Can Sit on an Old Phone, and Send Photos/Video on Request to My Mobile?

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who helped. I now know Lost Phone apps are probably what I am looking for

I want to set up an android phone in the garage (connected to power and WiFi).
On request, I can then contact the phone, and get it to take a (flash) photo, which it then emails me. (Alternatively, I can turn on the flash and see video of what it currently sees).

Is there such an Android app?

(Mainly I've found constantly streaming security camera apps or ones to send motion capture to the web etc)


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    Cerberus phone security will enable you to take a photo using the rear camera and flash.

    You install the app at https://www.cerberusapp.com/ and set it up on the Android phone you want to take the photo with.

    You can then login via the same webpage and instruct the camera to take a photo with the rear camera, and to use flash. I just tested it to see if it was possible. Settings via webpage: https://imgur.com/a/aPXorGZ

    Note that there is a subscription for the service, 5 EUR per year for one device https://www.cerberusapp.com/pricing


    Many thanks srsparky and Cerberus :)
    I will try those tomorrow

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    I think Lost My Android also allows taking photos and sending them from a website. Don't think it allows Video though

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    Solution that I'm testing.

    Phone: Telstra Essential Plus
    App: IP Webcam by Pavel Khlebovich

    Aim: Able to check if the garage door is shut, day or night, from inside the house.
    Notes: Image is sufficient, flash needed, minimize power usage etc (run phone as cool as possible) so live stream is not wanted and/or has to be turned off

    It turns out I can set up the app on the phone, along with a login username and password, then use a web browser on my phone or computer to check the address, and ask for a photo.

    Photo is clear enough for my purposes, at night.
    LED flash turns off after a short while, so that's fine.
    I have the app set to FADE which reduces screen usage while the phone is on.

    I have to check the phone's temperature now, tomorrow etc.

    One consideration is that it's more than an IP camera. If stolen, I don't want people to access my contacts etc, so I need to create a new Google account etc for this phone.

    Video is possible, though the transmitted unsaved photo is all I need. (Options available for saving photos etc)

    Currently free
    (I plan to support the author and get the pro version at $4 one off vs Cerberus which requires a yearly fee)

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