AMD Ryzen R5 2600 or 3600

Which cpu is better in term of price to performance

I found the 2600 for 180 Aud and the 3600 for 300 aud

It's 120 dollars less but apparently the 3600 is 20% faster.

(this would be my first build, so I don't really know that much)


  • Depends on the application and what you intend on doing with your pc ie. Gaming only, streaming and gaming or video editing. If your only gaming the ipc gain with the 3600 is not really worth the increased price and your better off spending that money on a better gpu

  • depends what's your budget and whether that $120 can be allocate elsewhere for better parts on your PC setup

    • But the 3600 needs an x570? which makes it even more expensive but I heard you can use a usb or wifi on some motherboards to update them?

      • Nah, it runs on AM4 which is supported throughout all of the b and x series Mobos (b350/450, x370/470/570). You could slap the 3600 into any of them and, if it has the recent bios, it'd work.

        That last bit's what you have to look out for. Gotta make sure it's the most recent bios for it to work. Most b450/x470 boards should be updated now via the store but make sure either

        • The store has confirmed it.
        • The mobo has a usb flashback feature (which the 2 highest recommendations - the b450 Tomahawk and b450 gaming pro carbon - both have) so you can update it yourself if it isn't updated.
        • With the usb, do you just plug it in and it does it itself?

          • @ODIN2165: I'd recommend double checking, but I believe you download the bios onto the usb, plug it in, then there should be a button you have to hit to start it.

            Would definitely look into it further though, as I believe you need a certain type/format of usb.

  • Have you bought other parts?
    What's the total budget for the build?

    It's a good time to get the 3600 now, but if you're severely short in cash, go with the older setup.

    • Budget is around 1100 aud

      I got a 1070 for 350 aud (used for 3months)

      16GB ddr4 3200mhz

      • Yeah, you have a good setup.
        Since there's a $120 difference, and you don't need that funds to get a good GPU or more RAM, then definitely get the noticeably better 3600. Unless of course, you only have a HDD, then use that $120 to get an SSD (I recommend the WD Blue3D M.2 drives), but I suspect you already have an SSD. Cooling isn't an issue with the good/decent fans included with the AMD CPUs. Otherwise you can consider a better case like the SilverStone rvz02 SFF or the NZXT H700i MidTower.

        Congrats on your system, great value and performance!

        • what about the motherboard though, you need the 500 series to use the 3000series?

          some people say you can update the motherboards without having a cpu in them

          That's the only thing stopping me from buying it as it will increase the price even more

          • @ODIN2165: There's very little difference between the 400 and 500 series…. but there's very little price difference too.

            For that reason, just get the B450 motherboard, in particularly the ASUS brands. Instead of a X470, or a fancy X370-Bios. There's an argument to be made for the X570 only if you're getting a high-end system (3900X and GTX 1080Ti, or better).
            …the only thing I would pay extra for would be built-in Wifi/Bluetooth, or if I was big into RGB controls.

            • @Kangal: But wouldn't the 3600 but incompatible with the b450 since it wont be updated?

              • @ODIN2165: No, they should all be compatible. I mean there's already benchmarks and everything comparing the different Motherboard SKUs on the same Ryzen3000 CPU.

                AMD released a low-end, mid-range, and high-end motherboard for the Zen1 CPU's (A320, B350, X370).

                Then for Zen+ they only released a mid-range and high-end motherboard (B450 and X470).

                Now for Zen2 they only released the high-end motherboard (X570).

                The X570 only supports Zen+ and Zen2.
                The A320 only supports Zen and Zen+
                The rest support all Zen, Zen+, and Zen2 CPUs in one form or another. Some drop certain features though. Also it's kind of upto the discretion of the OEMs to push out updates to the motherboard BIOS.

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