Need a Vacuum Recommendation

Hey, so my old vacuum is pretty much dead and not cleaning well at all so I'm looking to purchase a new vacuum today.

I'm willing to spend around $400 or less, I'm thinking of two vacuums

dyson big ball extra

miele c1 classic powerline vacuum cleaner

Which one should I go with?

If neither, what are your other recommendations?


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    Dyson big ball
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    Miele c1 classic
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    Other vacuum


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    Why are you still vacuuming by hand? I haven't vacuumed since 2016. That's a robots job.

    At your pricepoint the Xiaomi Roborock is your best bet.


      I have gen 1 and it struggles to go up the carpets, also it can miss a few spots.

      Robotic vacuums are great, but don't think they can replace a handheld vacuum in anything larger than a small dorm.


        I have 2x Gen2 and a 4 bed house. They run daily and work great. Dont ever have to vacuum over and above.

        Just to qualify- I have wooden flooring and rugs throughout, no carpet. But honestly, zero issues.

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      Who the hell is negging this comment?
      The Roborock is a fantastic alternative suggestion.
      It does a great job, with minimal effort, at a great pricepoint.

      As above, we haven't felt the need (or desire) to vacuum in our past year (or more) of ownership.

      A robot vacuuming once every few days results in a far cleaner house than a human pushed one can achieve once per week!
      I don't care if it misses a crumb here or there, it gets picked up in the next run.
      If (and it's a big if) we were to vacuum weekly, we'd have 6 day's worth of crumb buildup everywhere!

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        I don't care if it misses a crumb here or there, it gets picked up in the next run.

        It's called a robot vacuum, that's what it would like to do, you're just stealing it's thunder, pointless behaviour…
        scubacoles even carries over champions, he sees a crumb and he'll be like nope you get another shot at the title mate, he'll just carry it over vacuum to vacuum, scubacoles will leave the crumb there for weeks, scubacoles doesn't give a shit…


    What's the size of your property to vacuum? A one-bed apartment can be serviced with a basic $99 compact vacuum.

    Also one of the main reasons for losing suction is the HEPA filters being clogged up to the point air can't even pass through them, worth a check and clean.


      3 room apartment and those vacuums are pretty old anyway, so may as well replace them.

      However, if you have a recommendation that is a lot cheaper but does a great job then thats even better.
      I just wanted to pay a bit extra so it can last a bit longer

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        Get the 2400W Bagless Cleaner from Kmart.
        It's 80% as good as a high-end Dyson, but only at 20% of the cost.

        Don't fall for the marketing and branding, buy according to the merits of the product. Unless you're a multimillionaire, focus on value and not status.

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    I have a Miele and it was great, seemed to suck a lot of dirt.

    What wasn't so great was when I bought a Dyson V10 and tested it after I had used the Miele to clean the place.

    I was horrified that in just the living room alone I had to empty the Dyson twice.

    The portability of the V10 is great so maybe you can get an earlier model within your budget, should suck as well.

    Or just go for the Dyson big ball, I use my Miele now for all the jobs which might dirty the Dyson :p


    A few times last year the Miele C1 Powerline went on sale at The Good Guys for $169. I managed to get one in September. It is excellent. Sounds like a fighter jet on the highest setting.


    How big is your place? Stairs?

    Is mobility key or just a corded vacuum Ok?


    Miele. Make sure it is a German made one.

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    I would get the Miele C3 Cat and Dog - You can occasionally get it for around $400. Best price I can see from a quick look at the moment is $475 using coupon code PARSLEY and picking up in store to avoid delivery charges.

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